publication date: May 23, 2023

text: Marta Radzikowska / LOT Polish Airlines

A LOT of care for nature, or tree planting action

They green up the landscape, are a symbol of paradise, give oxygen and shelter from the sun on a hot day... Trees are undoubtedly one of nature's most important treasures. We could decry their qualities endlessly, but we did something much better - with the LOT team we planted as many as 560 oak trees!

Land afforestation

On Monday, May 15, a representation of PLL LOT traveled to Ward 169 of the Poniatów forestry district of the Jablonna Forestry Commission, where they joined in a reforestation campaign with the help of foresters.

To restore the logging area (professionally speaking!) we used instruments with the graceful name of planter's picks. Wondering what these are? See the photos attached to the article.

As is usually the case with successful projects, their success depends on group cooperation. This was also the case this time - while one person dug a hole with a pick, another measured the right distance to plant the next tree and placed the seedlings in the ground. Thus, with 10 pairs of hands at our disposal, not discouraged by the rain and low temperature, we planted 560 oak trees!

Marta Radzikowska

Long-lived oak

The oak tree is a long-lived species. These oak trees we planted today will serve your children and grandchildren. 

- Hubert Wroblewski forester of Jablonna Forest District

The forests of the Jablonna Forest District are a remnant of the ancient Mazovian Forest, which covered the region until the mid-12th century. In subsequent decades, as the area became populated, its area diminished in favor of fields, meadows and built-up areas. The location of the forests along the navigable rivers, namely the Vistula, Bug and Narew, also contributed to the exploitation of the area. In turn, some of the forest land was converted to pasture and farmland. Nowadays, advancing industrialization, the development of communications and growing timber exports have reduced the forest cover of the area to about 20%. That's why it's so important to systematically restore the logged area. The LOT team used seedlings with a covered root system for this action, coming from a container nursery in Skierdy.

Why plant trees?

Trees build up a great deal of carbon dioxide as they grow young, which they absorb from the atmosphere and store. Young trees absorb much more than mature trees, which grow more slowly. The second issue is the harvesting of wood for society. This versatile raw material is used in construction, the furniture industry, or in paper production. Wood accompanies us, in fact, from birth to death - it is worth realizing this by looking around and noticing how many things made of wood we have around us.

 Hubert Wróblewski

The afforestation action was organized by the Environmental Protection Department of LOT Polish Airlines

We came up with the initiative to plant trees in order to engage LOT's employees and co-workers in environmental protection and raise awareness of the important role forests play in nature and our lives. What's more, the event became an excellent opportunity for integration and relationship building among employees. Planting trees requires cooperation, communication and teamwork, which translates into a better atmosphere in the workplace. The educational value of the campaign cannot be overlooked here either. We had the opportunity to learn more about the role of trees in ecosystems, the benefits of afforestation and the daily work of foresters.

- Anna Klos-Gojska, Head of the Environmental Department

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