Baggage self check-in at self-service LOT kiosks in Warsaw

If you are travelling with our airline from Warsaw Chopin Airport, you will easily check in your baggage at one of the many LOT self check-in kiosks.

Operation of a LOT self check-in kiosk is easy, and the process is very comfortable and passenger-friendly. To check-in your baggage, just enter your data or scan your boarding pass, print a self-adhesive baggage tag, attach the tag to your baggage and leave it at the LOT Bag Drop counter.

Baggage self check-in is available only on direct flights (no transfers).

Baggage self check-in at a self-service kiosk - step by step

If you are checking in using a LOT self check-in kiosk in Warsaw, you can easily check in your baggage there as well.

  • If you have already checked in and you have a printed boarding pass, place it on the scanner. Please make sure that the backlight of your mobile phone is on if you are using a mobile boarding pass.
  • Check the booking information that appears on the screen and press "Check in baggage" if the details are correct.
  • Answere the questions regarding the carriage of your baggage and specified the number of the baggage items. Please make sure that you carefully follow the instructions on the screen.
  • The self-adhesive baggage tag will be printed automatically. If you attempt to check in more baggage items than allowed under the applicable limit, no baggage tags will be printed and relevant excess baggage information will be displayed on the screen. You will be asked to contact the LOT counter to pay for excess baggage. Please check the baggage limits.
  • Attach the tag to your bag or suitcase (preferably to the handle). A receipt will be printed additionally for each baggage item checked in to confirm the check-in process. Please retain the receipt until you have collected your baggage at your destination airport.
  • Go to the LOT Bag Drop counter where you can verify the weight of your baggage and leave it with the airport staff.

Baggage check-in conditions at a self-service kiosk

If you are travelling with baggage that exceeds LOT limits or with special baggage, proceed to a check-in counter and check in your baggage there. If you have any problems or doubts, our personnel is always there to assist you. If you have already checked in your baggage and printed a baggage tag, but later decided not to check in your baggage, please make sure to report it to the personnel to have your travel details rectified.

Checking in oversize baggage - how it works

Non-standard baggage, e.g. surfboards, pushchairs and large backpacks, must be checked in separately at a dedicated oversize baggage check-in counter. Airport staff will tell you whether your baggage qualifies as oversize baggage and where you should go to next. Check the rules of the carriage of sport equipment.