LOT OPEN CONNECT is a new solution for Agents that will enable them to increase their sales thanks to the access to the new technology and by providing extensive LOT Polish Airlines offer to their business partners.

New Distribution Capability

LOT Open Connect gives our partners a unique opportunity to enhance their relationship with LOT Polish Airlines. As a result of our joint activities, we will have the potential to co- create the best distribution standards.

Ways to connect

Allow us to introduce you to each NDC connection type, individually offering unique benefits and considerations for travel agents and industry stakeholders. To effectively utilize LOT Open Connect (NDC capability) and apply its full potential to enhance communication, collaboration and service delivery, understanding these three connection types is essential.

Direct connection

  • Direct connection will allow airline – agent close business relation
  • Direct connection will enable access to dedicated Agent service.
  • Agents connected directly will be the first to have access to LOT's new offers.
  • Direct connection is an ideal solution for Agents who use their own booking platform or are willing to use a dedicated website.

Connection via aggregator

  • Aggregator is a data exchange intermediary that provides a booking tool.
  • Aggregator is a good solution for Agents who are not yet ready for direct connection but want to enjoy the benefits of the new NDC technology.

Connection via GDS

  • LOT will also make the offer available through the traditional GDS channel using the classic EDIFACT protocol and NDC.
  • Connection via GDS is a solution for Agents who are interested in chosen NDC, yet are not ready for a direct connection.

Connection via Agency Booking Tool

  • LOT offers access to its own NDC booking tool.
  • Agents can book LOT tickets, Codeshare and Interline.
  • Agents can service and add ancillaries to the orders.
  • Access to the platform is granted within 24 hours.
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NDC Providers

Interested to know more?

What is LOT Open Connect? 

LOT Open Connect is a new distribution platform based on the NDC protocol. It gives access to the published offer, a wide range of ancillaries and additional range of options not available in GDS.

What are the available forms of connection to LOT Open Connect?

LOT offers direct connection (API), connection via aggregator and connection via GDS using NDC.

When will LOT Open Connect begin operating?

LOT invites and encourages you to integrate now. 

Will the LOT offer still be available in the GDS?

Yes, LOT will continue sale through EDIFACT, GDS channels.

Why did LOT decide to launch the LOT Open Connect program?

The EDIFACT protocol known from traditional GDS is no longer able to meet the current needs of airlines and its customers. NDC is a solution that will allow LOT Polish Airlines to provide Agents with an expanded offer.

How will content in EDIFACT vs LOT Open Connect differ?

LOT Open Connect means first and foremost access to the latest technological solutions enabling distribution of the expanded LOT Polish Airlines offer. NDC will provide access to a wide range of additional products that are not available in EDIFACT due to technical limitations. NDC will allow all parties to better manage their business relation and improve cooperation.

Where will the best content for an agent be available?

The best offer will be available through the LOT Open Connect program (NDC).

Is LOT Open Connect certified by IATA?

Yes, LOT Open Connect received IATA certification in February 2022. 

Will LOT Open Connect have NET offer available?

NET fares will be available in Q1. Our NDC team works on implementing NET fares in NDC environment on the same conditions as in the GDS.

Will all types of air connections be available in LOT Open Connect?

Yes, LOT Open Connect allows to book LOT, Codeshare and Interline opitions with selected major airlines.

Is PNR servicing available? 

Yes, LOT Open Connect provides access to ticket exchanges and refunds. Auto-exchange and auto-refund are also available.

Is access to LOT Open Connect free?

Yes, the access is free.

Which method of connection will be best?

LOT Polish Airlines is happy to meet and talk to agents directly to better understand their needs, in order to match the best solution to their business model. Direct connection is ideal for agents who have their own booking platform, or are ready to set one up.

Aggregator connection is the best option for agents without own booking platform.