Bombardier Q400 farewell

After a decade, Bombardier Q400 aircraft are leaving LOT's fleet. The withdrawal of a particular type of aircraft is a historic moment for any airline. On December 6, 2022, at 1:45 p.m., a unique farewell flight took place, and numerous surprises awaited all participants in this event.


Check-in and boarding

Check-in for this flight took place at dedicated check-in counters, with the symbolic words "GOODBYE Q400" printed on the tickets. 

Bombardier Dash Q400


To board the plane, passengers walked on the tarmac and had the opportunity to take commemorative photos in front of the plane with specially prepared "I Love Dash" and "I love LOT" plaques. There was also a group photo of all lovers of the plane!


Welcome on board

As passengers took their seats, the crew welcomed everyone aboard with a special announcement. The pilots presented the flight route, and the head of the flight deck talked about all her memories of working aboard the Q400.

Q400 wing view

After departure

After departure, the crew began the on-board service, which included water, hot drinks and sweet and salty snacks for passengers. The pilots provided detailed information about the flight, and told the story of the Q400 aircraft in LOT's fleet.

LOT inscription in polish air space

Creating "LOT" inscription

The plane headed west from Warsaw. to the vicinity of the Wielkopolska and Lubuskie voivodeships. The route of the flight was prepared to symbolically create the "LOT" inscription in the airspace.

Q400 and sunset

The flight

Course of the flight

After about an hour of flying, the plane headed back toward Warsaw. Passengers admired the spectacular sunset, and the crew again shared their personal memories. During the landing, another surprise was the go-around, and the flight over Warsaw.

LOT special headrest


Special headrests were prepared for this special occasion, which, along with safety instructions, passengers could take with them as souvenirs. After landing, all those wishing to do so also had the opportunity to look out of the cockpit and talk to the pilots.

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Bombardier Q400 farewell