How to photograph planes - our tips

Aviation photography

Aviation photography is fascinating, but also a challenging field. The key to success is mainly practice, creativity and tips to keep in mind if you want to get a satisfactory result! Check out our guide and get to know some basis about aviation photography!

Bombardier q400 lądujący na Lotnisku Chopina


In aviation photography, a lens with a large focal length will allow you to zoom in on the aircraft you are photographing. This will allow you to capture more details and keep the photo in good quality, even if you are photographing the aircraft from a greater distance.

Start samolotu Embraer 170 z Lotniska Chopina

The weather

Weather is one of the key factors you should take into account if you plan to photograph airplanes. It is good that the sky is not completely free of clouds, which will allow you to get interesting shots of the aircraft against a background of clouds. It's also worth keeping thermals in mind - the higher the air temperatures is, the more the so-called ripple effect will be visible in the photo. 

Boeing 787 lądujący na Lotnisku Chopina podczas śnieżycy

Look for unusual framing

Airplanes against the sky undoubtedly looks great! However, be creative and look for locations from which to capture a landing plane flying over the street, which will not only emphasize the enormity of the machine but also make your shot stand out from the rest!

Boeing 787 lądujący o poranku na lotnisku Chopina

Time of the day

Time of the day and light are undoubtedly very important elements! Try to photograph in the morning, in a late afternoon hours or during sunset, so the aircraft will be captured in the so-called "soft" light.

Winglet Embraera 190

Details. A small thing that pleases the eye!

Take care of the details! It can be a close-up on the engine, wing or winglet. One thing is certain - such shots are sure to please the eye of many aviation enthusiasts!

Model Boeinga 787 w skali 1:100 na tle lądującego Boeinga 787

Be creative!

Don't limit yourself to photographing only aircraft and, for example, use your models that you collect to take unconventional shots! 

Boeing 787 lądujący na Lotnisku Chopina oraz Boeing 787 stojący na płycie lotniska

Practice makes perfect!

The beginnings may be difficult, but don't be discouraged! Practice a lot until you achieve the effect you are satisfied with! Take pictures in series, sometimes even a dozen or so shots of one plane - then you will surely choose a photo that fully satisfies you! 

Winglet Embraera 190

Capture moments in the clouds too!

It might seem that aviation photography is only about photographing planes on the ground...not really! The views while traveling by airplane can be stunning, so don't limit yourself to taking pictures of the planes themselves, and photograph unique views while flying as well!


Aviation photography is a fascinating field that has more and more enthusiasts every year. The initial results of your photos may not always be to your satisfaction, but don't be discouraged and put our tips into practice, and you will certainly achieve a satisfactory result sooner! Share your photos with us on Instagram, adding the hashtag #flyLOT !