Wielbłąd na tle piramid w Kairze

Flights to Cairo

Welcome to Cairo!

With it's legendary pyramids and other ancient monuments, the egyptian capital will make you wonder why you didn't take a trip there much earlier, as you definitely shouldn't wait so long to see it!

Our flights to Egypt are the best way to discover that country of contrasts, from the sands of the desert to the water of Nile. 

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The cost of the ticket includes the flight, taxes, airport fees and other additional charges, including fuel surcharges. In addition, you can take on board carry-on baggage up to 8 kg and a personal item!

More about flights to Cairo

  • As part of the flight ticket to Cairo, you are entitled to carry-on baggage up to 8 kg. 
  • Onboard the selected flights you will be able to order meals and beverages- check out our offer: meals and beverages in various dietary versions. 
  • Our youngest passengers will not be bored during the flight to Cairo Children can expect a small gift on board
  • Choose LOT Business Class! During your trip to Cairo, you will have the opportunity to relax in our unique Business Lounge in Warsaw. 
  • You feel like reading on your flight but you forgot a book? We got you covered! Our flight tickets come with digital press! You can download it on your device and have access to over 1000 titles in several dozen languages! 

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Our cabin classes

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  • Want to be in Cairo on time? We do! In 2023 we became the punctuality leader in Europe
  • Are you anxious about losing your passport or ID? With LOT you can store your documents and manage your reservation directly in the LOT mobile app for Android or iPhone
  • Heading to Milan or heading... towards ecology? As part of Destination ECO, we reduce CO2 emissions, look for alternative aviation fuels and work to protect the environment. 
  • Since 2003, LOT has been a member of Star Alliance – the world's largest airline alliance. 

Take flights to Cairo and see the pyramids!

Plan an extraordinary trip and book flights to Cairo to explore the fascinating capital of Egypt. Discover the exotic charm of Cairo, where you'll see breathtaking sights at every turn. Take flights to Cairo and visit the famous pyramids of Giza, as well as the Sphinx, which still inspires awe and wonder today. As you wander through the backstreets of Cairo, you'll immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the bazaars and markets, where Egyptian aromas and colourful textiles are sure to capture your attention. With flights to Cairo you will sample the local cuisine, enjoying Egyptian specialities such as couscous, falafel and kebab. Book flights to Cairo and visit the Egyptian Museum, where you'll marvel at the wealth and beauty of ancient treasures, including Pharaoh Tutankhamun's famous golden mask. Flights to Cairo will allow you to take a boat trip on the Nile or discover the magical atmosphere of the ancient city of Memphis, whose remains are a treasure trove for archaeologists and history buffs. Architecture and art lovers will be delighted by the Grand Hill area of Cairo, where you can see the Alabaster, Muhammad Ali and Sulayman Pasha mosques. Flying to Cairo is not only a journey into the past, but also a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating culture and traditions of Egypt. Book your tickets to Cairo today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure!