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Online check-in

What do you need to know about online check-in? What does the process look like step by step?

Online check-in is a very convenient and popular method of obtaining a boarding card that will entitle to board our airplane. This is an option for those who like to save time. If you are checking in online and travelling only with carry-on baggage, you head directly for the security check counter. You save additional minutes for shopping and having your favourite meal in an airport restaurant. Take this opportunity if you can!

Save time and choose online check-in - what you need is only your booking reference or ticket number, and the passenger's name.    

Check-in via website or mobile app

Check-in via website or mobile app

Online check-in is fast and convenient. See how you can check in for your flight online.

Take advantage of our mobile app!

Check-in at the airport

What does check-in at the airport look like? What do you need to know to check in smoothly and quickly? We have prepared two options for you to check in at the airport: automated check-in or check-in ata check-in counter. You can check in with your checked baggage or additional equipment.  We will check your documents, i.e. your passport, identity card or visa. Remember to allow sufficient time for that!

After you have received your boarding pass and baggage sticker, head straight for the security check counter. 

Check what this process looks like step by step.

Check-in at the airport

Check-in at the airport

Read how you can check-in for your flight at the airport.

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Check-in is always free with our airline.