Czech Republic – attractions and historic monuments worth seeing

Panorama Pragi

Our southern neighbour may be an ideal destination for a trip full of memorable experiences. Numerous high-class historic monuments of the Czech Republic inspire delight every step you take. Put on comfortable boots, make ready a good photo camera and start intensive sightseeing!

Prague - attractions in the capital

Prague is the country's pearl in the crown and Central Europe's most beautiful city. Grand buildings, bridges across the Vltava River, the atmospheric Old Town and lots of hidden corners… sightseeing in Prague is a fascinating adventure! And if you add beer halls, inns and the unique Czech way of life, you will have a recipe for unforgettable holidays in your pocket! Discover the beauties of the Czech capital and book flights to Prague!

Cities you cannot afford not to see

Aerial view, Ostrava

Cities and the related city culture are probably the most important Czech attractions. Up and down the country, you will find many exquisite towns with a market square, atmospheric townhouses, several charming streets and, of course, at least one inn. You must definitely visit Jičín, where Rumcajs the Robber roamed; Brno, the beautiful capital of Moravia; the monument-packed Olomouc; Ostrava, a borderland paradise for industrial architecture lovers; and Kutná Hora, which was once famous for silver mining and today inspires admiration with its Gothic chapel. Visit Kroměříž, where you will find an atmospheric market square, a charming castle and a fabulous bishop's flower garden, which features in the UNESCO list. Discover the beauty of historic Czech cities and choose tickets to Ostrava!

Towns - local colour away from crowds

Although the majority of tourist traffic heads to large urban centres, the true beauty of the Czech Republic can be experienced in small provincial towns. If you like sleepy provincial atmosphere, you must see Telč, Hostinné and Nové Město nad Metují. Your list should also include the village of Holašovice, which features in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The country's most beautiful towns include also the monument-packed Český Krumlov – but here you must expect crowds of tourists regardless of the season of the year.

city of Cesky Krumlow

Baroque gems of architecture

Since the great re-Catholicisation action is an important episode in Czech history, the country's most valuable historic monuments include impressive baroque monasteries and palaces. Among them is Kuks, which will enchant you with its body, terraced location and a complex of magnificent sculptures which symbolise virtues and vices. Visit also the amazing palaces in Slavkov and Jaroměřice.







Castles - majestic structures of the former glory

Have you read The Hussite Trilogy by A. Sapkowski? Then you must know the Trosky castle. You must visit it to admire the amazing combination of majestic rocks and the two towers that rise from them. There are also castles in Nachod, Opočno, Frýdlant, Mikulov, Karlštejn and many more. Some of them are adjacent to pleasant old towns, where you can finish your sightseeing by having dinner and, provided that you are not driving, a glass of beer.

Czech technical achievements - Škoda, Tatra and Zetor

You surely know that thousands of Škoda cars drive Polish roads. But do you know how long and interesting their production history is? Or the great tradition that stands behind this brand? Whatever your answer, you must visit the city of Mladá Boleslav, with its mighty car factory and modern museum dedicated to this car make. Excellently arranged, the latter is among the most interesting, albeit not very popular, Czech attractions. The Tatra make, which once included passenger cars and today is known only for trucks, has equally fascinating history. You will learn about its heritage in the town of Koprivnica. In addition, you can learn about the manufacture of Zetor tractors when you visit Brno. If you like horsepower, you cannot afford not to visit any of these places!

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