Germany – little-known places which are worth to see

Zwinger Palace in Dresden

If you have come to like German attractions, you know that it is impossible to see all important sites in Germany no matter how frequent your visits. And there are lots of little known gems as well. Get on the road then and discover the unknown face of German lands!

Drezno - where a Polish Duke used to have rendezvous

Start your tour of little known German sites in Dresden. Although that beautiful city has close relations with Poland, many visitors give its historic centre a miss. Don't make that mistake and visit the atmospheric district of Pillnitz with its greatest decoration - Zwinger. A splendid palace and park complex, its was founded by none other than August II the Strong, the Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, famous for his active social life. The palace is considered one of the best examples of "chinoiserie", a style inspired by East Asia, and it will surely amaze you with its intricate architecture. Then proceed to admire the various corners of the beautiful garden, the greatest attraction of which is a camellia tree brought to Europe from Japan in the 18th century. That particular specimen blossoms beautifully from mid February and Mid April to this day. 

Heidelberg - the charm of a city on the Neckar

Visit less known Heidelberg. Be amazed by the beauty and atmosphere of that city on Neckar! It has a wonderful, fully completely preserved old town which luckily escaped destruction during World War II. Heidelberg's buildings are testament to its former riches and importance. And they were huge! Sit in the market for a while, walk down the city's main commercial promenade, see the valuable historic monuments, and then climb the hill with the majestic ruins of a castle that has guarded the city for ages. The site is guaranteed to steal your heart, but you will be more impressed by the view of the old town and the Neckar River meandering nearby. Then you can have a walk around the castle's splendid garden – sites of this type are among the most beautiful attractions in Germany.

Hilltop castle amidst autumn trees in Heidelberg





Tübingen - a city of science and canals

The Neckar River flows also by Tübingen, another city that will delight you with its architecture and unique atmosphere! In addition to the scenically meandering river, you will see lots of narrow canals with small footbridges thrown across, leading to house doors. Everything is well-tended, beautifully decorated and flowered. However, Tübingen is first and foremost a city of science with an outstanding university which educated many excellent scholars, such as Gustav Schwab, Wilhelm von Stauffenberg and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. Visit the city's nice castle and splendid town hose, which stands at the main square, where a food and flower market is open before noon.

Colourful buildings by the river in the city of Tübingen

Rotenfels - trekking among red rock

Having seen some urban attractions, move to the wild and visit Rotenfels! It is an extraordinary rocky formation that rises up to 200 metres and is 1,200 metres wide. Its name comes from the colouration of the rock - the red colour is a result of the amalgamation of two minerals: rhyolite and quartz porphyry. It is an ideal location for trekking, where you can spend several hours getting pleasantly tired and admiring beautiful views. Within your line of sight will be fields, forests, vineyards and tiny towns… Idyllic and peaceful! Of course, you will notice many interesting historic monuments in the neighbourhood, as you would in Germany. So, if you still have some appetite for excitement, you can visit e.g. Ebernburg Castle.

Quedlinburg and Goslar - enclosed by the Prussian wall

The architecture of German cities and towns brings the Prussian wall to your mind? Rightly so! This is how many German attractions were built. However, there are sites where their concentration is higher than anywhere else. So, if you like that charming style, you cannot afford to miss less known places as Quedlinburg and Goslar. Since they are little known, they are also not crowded or trampled by tourists. Those who arrive here, may lose themselves in their narrow, beautifully built up streets, the atmosphere is boosted by historic houses with pot plants standing on windowsills. Although they are relatively small cities, you should reserve a lot of time. Visit them without any plan or purpose. Simply roam the atmospheric alleys and delight your eyes with extraordinary views.

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Historic street houses in Goslar





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