Online check-in

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Check-in via website or mobile app

Don't like standing in lines at the airport? Choose a more convenient solution! With online check-in, your journey begins right from your home sofa. One click is all it takes to save time and avoid unnecessary stress.

Online check-in becomes available 36 hours before the scheduled departure and is closed 120 minutes before take off.

Check-in now via our website or mobile app!

To check in online you will need:

  • the booking or ticket reference number;
  • the surname of the passenger.

If, for any reason, the boarding pass could not be generated (e.g., additional document verification is required), please go to the check-in counters at the airport. This service is free of charge.

Prohibited articles and hazardous materials

Prohibited articles and hazardous materials

Familiarise yourself with the list of prohibited items and hazardous materials.

Work buys a ticket in the economy class

How to transport liquids in baggage?

How to transport liquids in baggage?

Learn more about the rules for traveling with liquids.


How to obtain boarding pass?

At the last step of the online check-in process, you can choose how your boarding pass will be delivered to you.

You can:

  • print your boarding pass
  • request a text message with your boarding pass to your telephone number
  • send your boarding pass by e-mail
  • save your boarding pass in your telephone.

If you choose the option of sending a mobile boarding pass by a text message, you will receive one containing a link with a web address. Click the link and you will be redirected to the page where your mobile boarding pass is stored. By saving it in your phone, you can access it at any time before your departure.

Important information

If you are flying on an intercontinental route or outside the Schengen Area, you may check in personally either through the website or at the airport. Approach the check-in counter, which opens around 2 hours before departure. Check-in at the airport is free of charge.

Remember! When flying out of India, You must present a printed boarding pass to the security staff and immigration officers. This requirement is dictated by local procedures, effective in all Indian airports.

Starting your journey at one of the following airports? Online check-in is available only on the local airport website. Select a city and check in:

LOT automated check-in

Save your time before departure and use the Automated Check-in System. 24 hours before your scheduled departure time, we will send your boarding card with the assigned seat number to your e-mail address or mobile phone number.