How to mark my baggage?

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In a way that makes it stand out in a crowd! Even attaching a small keyring can ensure that your precious baggage does not fall into the wrong hands (accidentally, of course). Note that many suitcases look alike - rectangular, black, with a discreet logo... Fortunately, there are many ways to personalise your suitcase. How to mark your baggage for the plane?

Tips on how to label your baggage for the plane

1. Attach a coloured keyring.

The easiest way to label your baggage is to attach a colourful keyring to it. Holidays are the perfect time to be adventurous and adorn your suitcase with some original tags. How about these keyring suggestions from SHOP&MORE?

2. Attach an airline tag

If you are travelling by plane, attach an aeroplane gadget! You are sure to get some admiring glances and maybe even meet new people who are also interested in aviation? It is a great conversation starter! We offer several hang tags with an aviation theme in our SHOP&MORE online shop - pick your favourite and tag your suitcase before boarding the plane!

3. Wrap your suitcase using colourful strings or ribbons.

 A few hours until departure and you have just realised that your baggage has no prominent feature? You are sure to find accessories like laces, ribbons or strings at home. Choose multicoloured ones to mark your baggage before boarding the plane and to find it quickly when you land!

 4. Sign your baggage with an original tag.

There are times when unforeseen events occur during a journey. To prepare for any eventuality, it is a good idea to sign your suitcase with your full name and email address. This is the best way to get in touch with you! How to label your baggage? Check our suggestions from the LEGO® collection. 

5. Stick a variety of stickers.

Show off the places you have visited (or would like to see) and personalise your baggage with cool stickers! In this way, you will highlight your explorer spirit and maybe also inspire others to label their suitcase in an original way? The sky is the limit!

6. Buy a suitcase in an unusual colour

You have just landed, you are waiting for your luggage and what do you see on the belt? A row of the same black or grey suitcases! Wondering what the best suitcase for the plane will be? To stand out from the crowd, buy baggage in an original colour. If bright colours are not to your liking consider a more subdued shade such as dark red. Top it off with a colourful tag and you are ready to travel! 

There are many ideas on how to label a suitcase - which one appeals to you the most? Or maybe all of them? Whichever way you choose to mark your baggage, the next step is to choose your destination! Do you want to travel further or closer? Our network of connections will allow you to discover many beautiful places around the world! 

Haven't found an answer to your question? You can also use the Prohibited Items Browser provided by the Civil Aviation Authority.

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