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An interesting way to make a living - flight attendant Weronika Piętka talks about working on board an airplane

Eight hours at a desk is not for you, instead you dream of faraway travels, like to meet new people, places and cultures? If so, then the profession of flight attendant can be a great idea for life! What work in the skies looks like, tells Weronika Piętka

High-flying work - what the life of a LOT flight attendant is like

What is the most beautiful thing about a flight attendant's job?

The opportunity for unlimited travel and continuous development. Every day I meet amazing people with whom I can work and explore the world together. Thanks to my work as a flight attendant, I can show the most beautiful parts of the world to my loved ones.

What is it like to work aboard LOT Polish Airlines?

This is an incredible privilege and a great responsibility! Flying aboard LOT Polish Airlines, I have the pleasure of representing one of the oldest airlines in the world, which has 93 years of tradition. By putting on the uniform, I can proudly say that I am Poland's ambassador on the international stage.

flight attendants are associated with their impeccable, very feminine business attire, and questions have repeatedly run through the media about whether it should really look like this. What do you, as people who wear these well-tailored clothes, beautiful scarves and head coverings on a daily basis, think of your outfits?

We like our uniforms and find them very attractive. A flight attendant's attire should be well-fitting and always look neat. We are subject to strict rules as to our appearance, as described in the Uniform Discipline Manual, so we cannot afford shoddiness and nonchalance.

LOT flight attendant Veronica Friday on vacation

How is it possible that your makeup always looks so perfect?

Practice makes perfect. On board our planes, staff must look perfect. To ensure that makeup always looks flawless, even during a 14-hour flight, we recommend using a makeup base to improve its durability. You should also remember to care for and moisturize your skin before the flight. Additionally, my little secret is red lipstick, which distracts from fatigue and always looks elegant.

What's your take on jet lag and how do you deal with it so you can take advantage of the attractions that await you in the countries you fly to?

Everyone has their own individual way of not being affected by the time change. It all depends on the length of stay in another time zone. If we have short trips of up to 24 hours, most of us do not switch and function in Polish time. For longer stops, we try to adapt to local time. It's hard to go to bed when a tour of the Grand Canyon or a visit to one of the world's biggest theme parks, Universal Studio, awaits! Who would deny themselves such a pleasure!

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