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Perhaps a weekend together in Berlin?, one of you might suggest. Sounds fresh. Indeed, unlike Paris, Barcelona or Rome, the German capital does not immediately come to your mind when you are thinking of a romantic outing with your loved one. However, Berlin's attractions are so interesting and unique that you bound to have unforgettable time here together.

Elegance and nonchalance

Prenzlauer Berg is a district where you will feel the spirit of old Berlin, a city of the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when the though of the world wars and the destruction they would bring would not cross anybody's mind yet. The old metropolitan face of the city is enchanted in the sea of wooded streets lined by elegant townhouses. Start your weekend in Berlin from breakfast and coffee in one of the city's diners and relaxed observation of the local life. Inhabited by well-heeled middle-aged Berliners, the quarter is a bit elegant and a bit nonchalant, with attention being put to ecology and fair trade. Here and there, in line with a new urban fashion, people run collective groceries. Nearby, at Schönhauser Allee, you will see the huge complex of the former Kulturbrauerei brewery, which at present is a stunningly adapted post-industrial space. Delve into the metropolitan atmosphere, feel the hipster spirit, try the menu of one of the many unique diners or go on a guided tour of unknown places.





Leftist spirit

In the southern part of the city centre there is another famous district, Kreuzberg, which during the partition of Berlin became an safe haven for artists, free spirits, leftist thinking and all kinds of urban movements. It has kept its alternative character to this day, which may be a reason why it is so interesting. Although Kreuzberg's streets are also packed with townhouses, they do not emanate a metropolitan character like those in Prenzlauer Berg. Rather than that, you are more likely to see a banner with "Capitalism - the father of all problems" written on it, a rainbow flag or a demonstration in defence of an evicted family. Since neighbourhood is inhabited by families from around the world, you can try uisines from every corner of the planet. Fancy experiencing some art? Pop into Mariannenplatz, overshadowed by a somewhat gloomy edifice. It is a former lunatic asylum adapted to house various art initiatives.

Shopping, shopping!

market Markthallen w Berlinie

Berlin's attractions have different tones. A commercial one as well! Just two blocks away, between Pucklerstrasse and Eisenbachenstrasse, you will discover Markthallen, a former market hall that today is a vibrant flea market with stall overflowing with various products and street food. Since you are in Berlin, you must have a classic carry wurst. It is a simple, nourishing and very local dish! Another excellent flea market can be found in Treptowarena, right on the bank of the River Spree. Formerly warehouses, it is now home to trade in just about everything - from clothes, to books, electronics, to old records. Whatever you need, it's there. Hunting successful? Take a breather then. Just round the corner, there is Lohmuhleninsel, an island tucked between the River Spree and canals, which is an extension of the complex offering a rich choice of alternative bars. You will surely find a place for you to to have a rest.

Let's go to water!

If you need a longer spell of rest and relaxation away from the city's hustle and bustle, you must go to Strandband Wannsee. It is an excellent lido on the shore of the Wansee Lake in the western part of Berlin. Blue waves, warm sunshine, fine golden sand – for a moment there, you will feel like on holidays! Your weekend in Berlin is coming to an end? Take one more classic for consolation. You are going to feel like a character in an old film! A ride in a rented Trabant will surely be an excellent crowning of your entertainment-packed outing.

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