Popular historic monuments in Munich – things worth to see

White palace and fountain in the foreground on a sunny day

Munich is a city packed with interesting historic monuments and historic attractions which you will be simply unable to see in just one weekend. Therefore, should an opportunity arise, return to the Bavarian capital to visit more fantastic treasures.

Residenz - with a visit to the royal castle

In the northern outskirts of the old town, you will find the imposing palace complex Residenz, a winter residence of the Bavarian Wittelsbach dynasty. Built at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries in the Mannerist style, it has some later Baroque and Classical additions. The complex consists of several courtyards and many wings, and its marvellous chambers and ceremonial halls are home to rich collections of art from all around the world. If you take a careful look, you will notice some exhibits of Polish origin, a result of various family connections among Europe's aristocracy. The impressive complex includes also the former Castle Theatre, today operating as the Bavarian State Opera, and a beautiful geometric garden arranged around a circular temple of Diana.

Odeonsplatz - a meeting with great history

Odeonsplatz in Munich





The neighbourhood of the palace is so interesting that it is worth to spend some more time there. Odeonsplatz with Feldherrnhalle, or the hall of the Heroes, makes a particular impression. A portico building, it was erected at the initiative of Bavarian King Ludwig I to honour the soldiers of his army. The site is among the most interesting historic attractions in Munich, for it is where the Munich Putsch, Adolf Hitler's first attempt to seize power, was suppressed. In the square, you will also notice the richly ornamented Theatine Church with a very interesting Polish artefact – the coat of arms of Poland and Lithuania at the front of the façade. The church has a stunning interior, which is nearly completely white with intricate lacy sculpture decorations. It is a good idea to visit the crypts with the tomb of, among others, Teresa Sobieska, a daughter John III Sobieski, who married Maximilian Wittelsbach.

Nymphenburg - majesty of power in a summer version

Walking along the trail of magnificent Wittelsbachs' residences, you must see Nymphenburg, one of Munich's greatest historic monuments and one of the largest palaces in Germany. A former summer residence of the Bavarian dynasty, the palace with its outbuildings is nearly 650 m wide! Its exteriors as well as interior make a stunning impression. The palace's most beautiful places include the richly ornamented Hall of Mirrors and the Gallery of Beauties with portraits of King Ludwig I. The complex is surrounded by a wonderful park which encourages visitors to some physical activities, walks and relaxation. It is also worth to visit the nearby botanical garden, where you will find one of Germany's largest palm houses. 

Nymphenburg Palace in Munich

Kunstareal - an art centre

Art lovers certainly consider Kunstareal one of the greatest attractions in Munich. An artistic corner of the city, it is packed with marvellous museums and art schools. Its most important part is Alte Pinakothek, one of the world's most prominent galleries presenting works by such old masters as Albrecht Dürer, Rafael Santi and Peter Paul Rubens. Impressionistic painting the the domain of Neue Pinakothek, while Pinakothek der Moderne shows contemporary art. In the neighbourhood, you will find the Royal Square. Surrounded by greenery, it packed with Classical structures which will take yo to ancient Greece for a moment. In the centre of the square there is Propylaea, i.e.a structure which plazs the role of triumphal arch, and on two sides there are two nearly identical buildings of museums of ancient arts – Glyptothek and Staatliche Antiken Sammlungen. Visitors can see many works by Etruscans, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. You can't get bored in the capital of Bavaria!

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