Romantic weekend in Zagreb

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Why not just leave everything and go somewhere just the two of you? A romantic weekend in Zagreb can be a great opportunity to spend a nice time together!

Coffee for a good start

There is only one way how to start your stay - with coffee! A cup of black, aromatic mocha is a special moment for all Croatians, for which they always find time, regardless of whether they live in the bustling capital, in the Slavonian countryside or in a climatic coastal town. The long dependence on Vienna and its cultural influence has also resulted in the Zagrebians’ love of elegant cafés and pastry shops, which you can find barely everywhere. They flourished at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when they began to appear at almost every corner of the city. It used to be a place where cultural and social life flourished with lively discussions, performances and concerts. You’ll certainly find one that suits perfectly your needs and taste. Remember that in Croatia, coffee is not just a beverage drunk to get stimulated. It’s a real daily ritual, often practised in the company of friends. So, don’t rush, just get delighted with this pleasant moment.

Coffee with frothed milk in a cup at a cafe in Zagreb

Romantic sites

Spend some romantic time with your loved one in Zagreb on the Strossmayerovo šetalište promenade - its name refers to a distinguished Croatian bishop, politician and social activist who lived in the 19th century. The first attraction will be using the cable car called Uspinjača and the second one: the beautiful and very extensive view that awaits you at the end of the ride. You must see the Opatovina and Tkalčicićeva streets, which are filled with boutiques (including handicrafts), cafés, bars, pubs and restaurants. And if you need some rest, take your time and relax in the Opatovina Park situated in the vicinity.

Relationships breaking up

Must visit is as well the Museum of Broken Relationships, which is more like an interesting art project than a traditional museum, will encourage you to reflect on the fragility of human bonds. The project involved collecting objects belonging to people who had formed a relationship in the past, but for some reason had broken up, and neither party knew what to do with the unwanted memorabilia.





The four seasons

Zagreb is truly impressive regardless of the season. It also attracts with numerous cultural events or culinary festivals. It’s worth tuning to the rhythm of the city and living like a local for a while. From early spring to late autumn, the Zrinjevac Park, beautifully changing with the seasons, is a much-loved meeting place for Zagreb residents. In summer, many spread out a blanket and flee the hustle and bustle of the city for a while, some even have a small picnic or an evening party there. In winter, the place is fabulously decorated for Christmas. It is not without reason that the Christmas market has conquest entire Europe and has become one of the most interesting and beautiful events of its kind on the old continent. A mug of mulled wine drunk under the illuminated plane trees will be a beautiful memory of your weekend in Zagreb.

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Christmas market, Zagreb

Shopping madness

A trip to the Zagreb can also be a great opportunity for successful shopping. Clothing inspired by Croatian folklore, handbags with traditional motifs, home textiles - all this will serve as a nice souvenir. Food products, wine, honey, sweets and even cosmetics with, for example, lavender, salt or rosemary will also do great. Another must-have item to bring back from Zagreb is a tie - it was actually the Croatians who created this item of men’s clothing to somehow stand out from the rest of the soldiers while serving as mercenaries for the French king. Check out also one of the local music shops - a vinyl with old Yugoslavian rock will be a treat for any music lover.

When the city never falls asleep...

An evening spent with your loved one in Zagreb will be unforgettable! This city never sleeps, so head out for a drink or a dance party. You can also go to one of the many wine bars, which offer a unique atmosphere. There are also plenty of clubs organising great concerts. If you prefer something less noisy, you can also easily find a jazz club that would suit you. One thing is certain - you’ll remember the events organised in the Croatian capital for a long time!

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