Be aware of scammers posing as LOT Polish Airlines

Due to the increasing number of reports of LOT Polish Airlines impersonators, here are a few important points to keep in mind and steps you can take if You find yourself in a potentially suspicious circumstance with someone posing as a LOT employee or associate:

  1. We only contact our Passengers in exceptional cases. If there is any doubt that the person who contacted You on our behalf is either our employee or associate, please discontinue the conversation and contact us directly via LOT Contact Center at +48225777755 or +48224917755. Until you are certain of the identity of the person to whom you are speaking, do not share Your personal information under any circumstances.
  2. Do not open suspicious links. Reliable information can be found only on the official LOT Polish Airlines’ website:
  3. We do not initiate correspondence with Passengers through our social media channels.
  4. Do not share Your personal data on social networks. If in doubt, please contact our LOT Contact Center by phone or through our channels available on our website.
  5. Do not assume that the name of the sender of an e-mail, SMS or phone call is real. Do not open questionable attachments, do not use login links, and do not install unverified applications. You should always use the LOT app for mobile devices and download it from an authorized provider.

Remember that our LOT Contact Center operates 24/7. Stay vigilant and alert! When in doubt, contact us directly.