City break in Munich – attractions to see and visit in the capital of Bavaria

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One of the largest economic and cultural centres in Germany, the Capital of powerful Bavaria, the biggest and one of the richest German lands. High culture, great history, and monuments. On top of that, significant autonomy and strong local identity - all this gives Munich a unique, slightly southern character, which is very distinct from the spirit of the northern Protestant regions.

Marienplatz - the heart of the city

If you ware spending your city break in Munich, start it from Marienplatz, a square that has the city's oldest historic monuments. The square is dominated by the majestic Neo-Gothic town house (the New Town House) with six courtyards, richly ornamented façade which present history of Bavaria, and one of the world's largest clockworks. A strong impression is also made by Mariensäule, a tall column standing in the centre of the square with a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, after which the square was named. Slightly aside, as if a bit shy, stands a much more modest building of the old Medieval town house with a low tower and fine clock face. It is worth to come there in the morning, take a seat in one of the atmospheric local cafés and enjoy your first morning coffee, admiring the most beautiful attractions of Munich

View of the Marienplatz in Munich

Frauenkirche - the power of Gothic

Marienplatz is only a few steps away from Frauenkirche, one of Europe's most wonderful Gothic temples. Munich's Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary is a huge building from the 15th century that attracts attention with its very tall ceiling and the craft of its Medieval builders. As for its architecture, special attention should be paid to the twin-tower façade with the towers topped with Renaissance onion-like domes, which could easily be called the most iconic element of the Munich panorama. Nearby, you will find the city's oldest temple - the Gothic Church of St. Peter, with charming interior and fine Baroque paintwork on the ceiling, and a tall tower, which residents of Munich call "Old Peter" (in German "der Alter Peter").





Maksymilian Strasse - Neo-Gothic in glamour version

During your sightseeing tour of Munich, try to get to Maksymilian Strasse, a wide thoroughfare packed with uniform buildings, mainly Neo-Gothic, which is a rare sight nowadays. The street ends with a bridge thrown high over both beds of River Isar, behind which there is Maximilianeum, a very impressive building which houses the seat of the Bavarian Landtag.

Platzl - the essence of Bavarian beer culture

Platz is a little and inconspicuous square with lots of grand elements, most important of which is the 13th century Hofbräuhaus am Platzl, which is…. the world's most famous pub! A former beer house and brewery, is now a popular meeting place for tourists and Münchners alike. Since your city break in Munich would not be complete without trying some local specialities, you must have some locally brewed beer. If you are hungry, look for the Bavarian classic, i.e. white sausage served with sweetish mustard and a pretzel. It tastes best when bought from a street stall and eaten on site!

Pretzels in a basket and beer in a mug on a table covered with a checkered tablecloth

Sendlinger Strasse - shopping spree and Baroque madness

Taking its beginning in the main square, Sendlinger Strasse is one of the city's main commercial streets. If your wallet is not bulging with excess cash, we suggest that you settle for window shopping only. Otherwise, this is your opportunity to do fantastic shopping! You must have a look at the exquisite township architecture which was painstakingly reconstructed after World War II. Among the buildings you will notice the narrow, undulating and richly ornamented façade of the Church of St. John of Nepomuk. The façade is only a foretaste for what is inside. Indeed, the church's small interior amazes visitors with tremendous richness of forms and colours. With all the different tones of golden, brown, green and light blue, almost completely devoid of natural light, the Church of St. John of Nepomuk can be safely ranked among Munich's most extraordinary sacred attractions. If the intense aesthetic experience makes you hungry again, have something classically Bavarian, such as a pork roast or pork knuckle. In the company of beer, of course! And if you feel like broadening your knowledge of the golden life-saving beverage, remember that the Museum of Beer will always welcome you heartily!

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