Geneva – the best must-see attractions

Switzerland's second-largest city is picturesquely situated at the Geneva Lake, overshadowed by a panorama of steep Alps with the snow-covered Mont-Blanc. The location alone is among Geneva's greatest attractions. And this is just the beginning!

Geneva - what to see in one of the most beutiful cities in Switzerland?

The European capital of peace and the financial center of the world

Geneva is an elegant, very diversified and cosmopolitan city. Since it is home to many international organizations, its streets speak languages from all around the world. According to estimates, foreigners, or people with double citizenship, account for more than a half of Geneva's population. This is why you can meet representatives of the world's farthest corners there, often wearing their traditional dresses. Geneva came down in history as a place where the International Red Cross was established, the League of Nations was once headquartered and the Geneva Conventions on the treatment of prisoners of war were signed. This is why it is sometimes referred to as “the capital of peace”. The city is ranked among the world's 15 most important financial centres and one of five in Europe after London, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and, of course, Zurich in Switzerland. It ranks high in various life standard rankings as well.

Palace of Nations, Geneva

Geneva - monuments on the lake shore

To start your weekend in Geneva, have a rest on the shore of the Geneva Lake. It's so beautiful there that you will surely come back on a few more occasions. Have a leisurely walk - your every step will be accompanied by luxurious hotels which line the street, creating a fabulous waterfront. After a few dozen metres, you will see on your left a neo-Gothic open-work structure – it's the Mausoleum of the Duke of Braunschweig. Continue for a few dozen metres more and the wharf on your right will become noticeably wider to give space to a little square. In a corner you will see a modest but elegant monument to Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria. Famous for her extraordinary beauty and intelligence, the popular Sissi often came to that place and, sadly, was murdered in the area. You can sit down for a while, take a breath, look at the calm surface of water and the majestic mountains in the background. Your attention will be attracted by the huge Jet d’Eau, Europe's largest fountain, which is undoubtedly a symbol of the city. It shoots water up to 140 m at speeds of up to 200 km/h!

Later on, you can head for the expanded breakwater, where you can find a very popular city lido. If you have time and feel like it, have a dip and swim for a while! However, if this isn't your cup of tea, head back towards the large inland waterway harbour, where many cruise boats stop and hop on board! A cruise around the lake is a very pleasant and thrilling experience. It will also let you look at elegant Geneva from the best perspective.

A weekend in Geneva should include attractions of Lake Geneva

Old Town and City Centre

Leave water attractions behind for a while and head in the opposite direction towards the Old Town. It is small, but very picturesque. It is situated on a hill, where old city fortifications have survived to this day, particularly in the south. This area offers many interesting historic monuments, such as a city arsenal, a town hall and St. Peter's Cathedral. Don't forget the Patek-Philippe Museum, which, in addition to the famous timepiece manufacture, shows the several centuries of the clock-making tradition, with a story of Polish immigrants from the times of the November Uprising in the background. Partially wooded Place du Bourg-de-Four is a very pleasant location. Delineated in Roman times and considered the city's oldest square. It's a bustling place packed with cafés, where you can have a cup of coffee or lunch, or do some shopping to mark the perfect finale of your weekend in Geneva.

Geneva looks wonderful at sunset - monuments such as the former Batiment des Forces-Motrices hydropower plant impress everyone

Switzerland has many colours, especially Geneva. A multicultural city and a capital of peace whose monuments remind you of great historical and cultural events. Book flights to Geneva for a city break in unique style!