Where to Go on Holidays in Poland? 25 Best Places to Visit!

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Where to go for a holiday in Poland to enjoy the beauty of landscapes, admire world-class monuments, and savor the taste of fantastic cuisine? Visit the most beautiful Polish cities, plan a holiday in the Polish mountains, and discover the secrets of one of the most colorful countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The sea, mountains, lakes — plan your dream vacation today and book your flights for a holiday ✈️ in Poland!

Vacations in the city in Poland - where to go on holidays?

Summer is fast approaching, and with it the longed-for and well-deserved moments of rest. Many people are certainly wondering where to go on vacation in Poland to enjoy leisure time and the beauty of our cities. Keep reading and find the best city break spot for yourself!

Poland offers several remarkable locations that will surprise you with cultural diversity, rich history and delicacies of local cuisine. If you'd like to explore the most interesting vacation destinations in Poland with us, keep reading or check out flights to Poland ✈️ right away. 

Vacation in Warsaw, capital of Poland

Poland's capital is not only a pulsating business center, but also a city full of parks, gardens and historic corners. Stroll through the Old Town, visit the Royal Castle and relax by the Vistula River. In addition, summer is the perfect time to discover Warsaw's museums and exhibitions — check out current events and take a moment for a cultural experience.

When planning a vacation in Warsaw, enter the building that is the symbol of the city — the Palace of Culture and Science. Ascend to the 30th floor and enjoy the wonderful panorama of the city. Amazing experience guaranteed!

Planning to spend your holidays in Poland with family? Book flight tickets to Warsaw ✈️ and explore Warsaw in the footsteps of Warsaw tales and legends!




Zlota Street in Warsaw, where to go on vacation in Poland

Sightseeing vacations in Bydgoszcz

Bydgoszcz is a city of many possibilities, called the Venice of the North or…. a little Amsterdam. What to do while vacationing in the city? Take a water streetcar ride on the Brda River and admire the Old Town's most valuable monuments: the Gothic Cathedral of St. Martin and St. Nicholas, the Polish Post Office building and Mill Island with its chessboard granaries.

Want to explore the culinary side of the city? Book flights to Bydgoszcz ✈️ and enjoy a chilled beer at Warzelnia Piwa Bydgoszcz, which is best served with goose meat, bread, and potatoes.




The river canal in Bydgoszcz, where to go on vacation in Poland?

Vacations in Katowice - the cradle of Polish industry

Katowice is constantly changing and developing, and is an important business center. When spending your vacation in Katowice, visit the Main Square with the Silesian Theater, the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the famous Spodek.

If you're interested in industrial architecture, take the Route of Monuments of Technology and explore Nikiszowiec — an early 20th century mining estate made up of so-called familoki, or workers' buildings.

Do you like taking pictures? Explore instagrammable spots in Katowice. For shopping fans, meanwhile, we recommend Silesia City Center, and for culture lovers, the Silesian Museum. You should also book flights to Katowice ✈️ and visit Katowice Forest Park for a moment of relaxation in nature.




Market in Katowice in the evening, where to go on vacation in Poland?

Ideas on a city break in Lublin

Lublin is a Renaissance city, and its historic market square is the cultural and social heart of the city. You're sure to be amazed by the architectural diversity here, from Gothic to Baroque, and local cultural festivals will add unique color to your visit.

Book flights to Lublin ✈️ and start your city tour with the Kraków Gate, the Dominican Monastery and the most valuable monument of medieval art in Europe — the Holy Trinity Chapel with its Byzantine polychrome.




Summer panorama of Lublin, Poland, where to go on vacation in Poland?

Holidays in Poznan - small joys, great experiences

Did you know that the capital of Greater Poland has a history of more than 1,000 years? Fans of the old days will be delighted to visit the Ostrów Tumski and the Old Market Square in Poznań.

Poznan is also an important trade fair center and a bustling city where the multitude of attractions can give you a headache. The Renaissance Town Hall with Poznan's goats and the Old Brewery, a shopping, service and art center, are just a few of the places that should be on your itinerary! Book flights to Poznan. ✈️




colorful townhouses in the market square in Poznan. where to go on vacation in Poland?

Visit Rzeszów - the undiscovered charm of the Galician countryside

Rzeszów is a city that surprises with its tranquility and green spaces, despite being a bustling urban center.

Walking through Rzeszów's old town, see how beautifully the local 19th-century town hall, the Gothic church of St. Stanislaus and Adalbert, and the reconstructed synagogues present themselves. Also, visit the Boulevards on the Wisłok River and discover the Underground Tourist Routes. Feel like returning to your childhood days? Book flights to Rzeszów ✈️ and pay a visit to the Museum of Bedtime Cartoons.




Garden in Rzeszów, where to go on vacation in Poland?

Szczecin - Interesting place to visit in Poland

85 km of coastline, the Sea Gate, the international commercial port.... Szczecin is a city charmingly located near the Oder River, with floating gardens and modernist architecture as its special assets.

Book flights to Szczecin ✈️ and travel to Grodno Gryf. Admire the course of the Oder River from the Chrobry Embankment, or head to other bodies of water within the city: Lake Dabie, Lake Głębokie or Lake Emerald. On Szczecin's mainland, on the other hand, star-shaped squares modeled after the markets of Paris, Staromlynska Street and Pomeranian Dukes' Castle await you.




A bird's eye view of Szczecin on the Oder River, where to go on vacation in Poland?

Vacations in Wrocław

Did you know that Wrocław, known for its dwarves and charming bridges over the Oder River, is sometimes called the city of love? It's an idyllic place where you can enjoy the café life of the market square, and the Old Town backstreets will be the perfect backdrop for romantic moonlight walks!

When planning excursions in Poland, visit Ostrow Tumski with its gas lanterns and the University of Wrocław with its baroque Leopoldina Hall. Interested in culture? Book flights to Wrocław ✈️ and check out what's hidden in the local museums, art galleries and theaters.




panorama of Wroclaw, where to go on vacation in Poland?

Plan your vacation in Zielona Gora - a land flowing with wine

Zielona Góra, known for its wine traditions, attracts wine enthusiasts each year with its grape harvest festivals.

Book flights to Zielona Góra ✈️ and visit the Wine Museum. Discover the rich history of a beverage that has been conquering not just Polish tables for many years. After a solid dose of knowledge, relax in the Palm House or take a walk through the historic old town.

Explore bike paths and get to know the local vineyards, to experience not only the taste but also the culture of winemaking.




Vineyard near Zielona Gora, where to go on vacation in Poland?

Where to go on holidays in the Polish mountains?

Many of us are asking ourselves: where to vacation in Poland? For those who want clean air, picturesque views and active time, the Polish mountains will be the perfect choice. In this part of the article, we will show you places that can become your vacation discoveries.

Cracow - Vacations in a city with history

Kraków, although not directly adjacent to the mountains, is an excellent starting point for many nearby mountain ranges. However, before you hit the trails, take a moment to stop in this historic city.

For years, Kraków has boasted the title of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and is full of cultural attractions. Want to see them? Book flights to Kraków. ✈️

☀️ Best time to visit: spring, summer, autumn
🥟 Cuisine: Kraków barley soup, Kraków-style beef stew
🏰 Landmarks: Wawel Castle, Cloth Hall, St. Mary's Basilica




Panorama of Krakow on the Vistula River, where to go on vacation in Poland?

Camping spots in the Polish mountains

Dreaming of a camping holiday in the heart of nature? The Polish mountains offer plenty of spots for camping. Renting a cabin or a place for a tent or camper is a great way to feel close to nature. Make sure you know what to take to the mountains and have the right equipment with you, and the lush mountainous areas will offer you more than you expect.

🏕️ Where to go: Tatry Pieniny, Beskidy Mountains
🥟 Culinary experiences: oscypek, kwaśnica
🚵🏽 Attractions: mountain trails, Dunajec River rafting

A group of friends are having a picnic on the grass in the mountains

Ideas on holidays in the Polish Mountains - Zakopane and Szklarska Poręba

Szklarska Poręba, located beneath the Karkonosze Mountains, is especially attractive for hiking enthusiasts. Here, you'll find the Szklarki Waterfall and numerous trails of varying difficulty levels.

  • Attractions: Szklarki Waterfall, Crystal Glassworks 
  • Events: Flower Festival Zakopane, often called the winter capital of Poland, is a city deeply rooted in highlander culture, attracting mountain trekking enthusiasts and folklore fans.

Here, you can admire Zakopane-style architecture and try regional dishes such as kwaśnica and moskole.

  • Landmarks: Krupówki Street, Wielka Krokiew ski jumping hill
  • Traditional craftsmanship: shops with highlander oscypek cheese and handmade products
Spring in Zakopane

Karkonosze and Bieszczady - Hiking vacations

The Bieszczady Mountains allure with their wildness, silence, and tranquility, while the Karkonosze Mountains captivate with unusual rock formations and legends about the Mountain Spirit. In both regions, you'll find great hiking trails, and interesting accommodation options, from highlander cottages to luxury spa hotels.


  • Śnieżka – the highest peak
  • Church of the Little Pond
  • Karkonosze National Park


  • Alpine meadows
  • Tarnica – the highest peak
Mountain path during a sunny day

Seaside vacations in Poland - Top destinations

Warm sand, the sound of waves and the sea breeze — the Polish sea has for years attracted tourists looking for relaxation on the beach. Here are some seaside vacation ideas to inspire your next trip.

What to do at the Baltic Sea?

The Baltic Sea is full of undiscovered opportunities and attractions that will make your trip to the Polish seaside unforgettable. From freshly caught fish in local ports, through walks on the dunes, to visits to historical landscape parks – the possibilities are almost limitless.

Spending your vacation by the Baltic? Check what to pack for your trip to the seaside, and don't forget to pack sports equipment for water sports.

beach, Hel, Poland

Holidays in Gdansk - the city of freedom

Gdańsk is a city rich in history and culture, and visiting the Old Town, with its colorful townhouses and the famous Neptune's Fountain, should be on every tourist's list. Discover the secrets of the Museum of the Second World War and Westerplatte to feel the breeze of the country's history.

Did you know that Gdańsk is also significant from the perspective of recent history? If not, you will learn this by visiting the European Solidarity Centre, where you'll see how a small social movement saved Europe from communism.

During your walk through the streets of Gdańsk, also stop by one of the traditional stalls and learn about the history of Polish amber. Book flights to Gdańsk ✈️ and remember that the best time for excursions in Poland is spring and summer when the days are long and sunny.




A bird's eye view of Gdansk at sunset, where to go on vacation in Poland?

Rewal - holidays in the Polish countryside by the sea

Rewal is the perfect place for those who seek peace and contact with nature. This small seaside town offers not only beautiful, sandy beaches but also access to numerous bike trails. Spend your vacation in a bucolic landscape park or relax in one of the many local cafés, tasting regional delicacies.

Entrance to the beach in Bialogora village, Poland

Unmissable places you should visit in Mazury

While the travel world is constantly on the lookout for new, undiscovered destinations, the Polish Masuria region remains a corner of Europe that retains its authenticity and natural beauty. If you are wondering where to go on vacation in Poland to spend some time on a lake — this part of the article is for you.

What places to visit in Olsztyn?

Olsztyn, the capital of the Masurian region, is a city surrounded by forests and lakes. One of its main attractions is the Warmian Bishops' Castle, where Nicolaus Copernicus himself left his mark. Those interested in culture and history will also be delighted by the Gothic churches and the medieval layout of the city.

Spending your vacation in Olsztyn, you can relax on the beach, go kayaking, and traverse the forest wetlands. Within the city limits, there are as many as 16 lakes and one of the largest forest complexes in Europe — close contact with nature guaranteed! Book flights to Olsztyn ✈️ for the summer.




Masuria - a sailboat on a lake, where to go on vacation in Poland?

Sailing holidays in Poland

Mazury is primarily an endless opportunity for sailing enthusiasts. The unique landscape of the Masurian lakes provides a perfect backdrop for a lake holiday. Sail your boat through the crystal-clear waters of Lake Śniardwy and feel the freedom of the open space.

For those who do not own a boat, there is a wide selection of yacht rentals and sailing schools available, where you can rent equipment and learn the basics of sailing.

Masuria - sailboat on the lake

Where to go on holiday with children?

Although planning a vacation with a child can be challenging, Poland offers many places that can provide unforgettable experiences for the whole family. Take advantage of our suggestions for where to vacation in Poland, and your holidays with children will be full of joy and attractions.

Holidays in Mazury with kids

Mazury is a paradise for lovers of nature and tranquility. Bike trails, sailing on the lakes, and family picnics in the midst of nature are just some of the attractions that will make your family vacation in Poland unforgettable.

🤸‍♀️ Attractions for children:

  • Tropikana Water Park at Hotel Gołębiewski – perfect for lovers of aquatic fun.
  • Kadzidłowo Wild Animal Park – an opportunity to observe animals in their natural environment.

🍽️ Culinary discoveries for parents: Mazury is well-known for its fish specialties — try pike in cream, roach, or eco-products from local farms.

A girl and a boy are playing in the pool

Holidays with a child in Krakow

Kraków enchants with its atmosphere and abundance of historical sites. It's the perfect place for a vacation with a child, as it offers educational sightseeing suitable for young explorers. From Wawel Castle to the mysterious corners of the Cracow Old Town, there will be no shortage of history and legends to spark the imagination.

🤸‍♀️ Attractions for children:

  • Science and Technology Centre – interactive exhibitions that encourage learning through play.
  • Dragon's Den – you can enter the world of Kraków legends and search for the dragon.

🍽️ Culinary discoveries for parents: potato tartare, oscypek with cranberry, or dumplings in countless variations.

Mother and kids tourists visiting Cracow (Kraków) Poland. Family is taking selfies in front of the famous Mariacki Church (St. Mary's Basilica) on the main square.

Tri-city for holidays with children - Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot

The Tri-City is the perfect combination of beaching, immersing in culture, and attractions for children. A walk along the seaside boulevard in Sopot or a visit to the Gdańsk Aquarium will be an excellent way to spend time in a family atmosphere.

🤸‍♀️ Attractions for children:

  • Pirate Ship in Gdańsk – an adventure of a lifetime for the little Jack Sparrow in the family.
  • Sopot Aquapark – when the beach is not enough, here you will find slides and pools.

🍽️ Culinary discoveries for parents: fresh fish in seaside taverns and the famous Gdańsk waffles, which are a must during walks on the beach.

Smiling mother and beautiful daughter having fun on the beach. Portrait of happy woman giving a piggyback ride to cute little girl with copy space. Portrait of happy blonde kid embracing her mom wearing spectacles at beach during summer vacation.

Vacations with children in Zakopane, Poland

Zakopane is a land of folklore, hot thermal baths, and hiking. Trips to the Kościeliska Valley or Gubałówka Mountain will surely provide experiences for both children and adults.

🤸‍♀️ Attractions for children:

  • Kasprowy Wierch – the cable car is an attraction not to be missed.
  • Termy in Bukowina – after a mountain expedition, it's time to relax in the thermal waters.

🍽️ Culinary discoveries for parents: grilled oscypek, kwaśnica, or moskole — enjoy the taste of highlander cuisine.

Three children, aged 10 and 7, have fun while hiking in the fields and meadows of the Gorce Mountains. In the background are gentle, sloping hills covered with mixed forest. The kids run against a wooden fence.

Active holidays in Poland - where to look for adventure?

Poland is the perfect country for actively spending leisure time. For water sports enthusiasts, hiking amateurs, and families with children — everyone will find something for themselves. If you're wondering where to go on vacation in Poland for active people, we invite you to read this part of the article.

Places in Poland for water sports fans

  • Do you want to spend your time actively by the sea? In northern Poland, wide, sandy beaches perfect for windsurfing and kite surfing await you. The best time to visit is in the summer when the wind is most favorable.
  • If you dream of a vacation in the Masurian Lake District, you can easily spend active time by the lake. Mazury is a true paradise for sailing and kayaking enthusiasts, so catch the wind in your sails and discover the Masurian lakes from a new perspective.
  • How about an adventure in Lower Silesia? A kayak trip on the rivers of Lower Silesia is a must-do for thrill-seekers.
A man and a woman in a kayak on the shore of the lake - flights to Olsztyn

Planning an active leisure in Poland

  • A hiking trip is a holiday idea not only for seasoned alpinists. The Beskids, Bieszczady, or Tatry mountains offer trails of varying difficulty, so if you're heading to Poland for a vacation with children, you'll find suitable routes here.
  • A vacation in the Masurian Lake District, by the sea, in the countryside… Poland boasts a vast network of picturesque bike paths. The Trail of the Eagles' Nests or the Barycz Valley are just some places you can explore from the saddle of a bike.
young couple of hikers enjoying the beautiful nature from high above

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