Where to fly in February?

View of the canal and townhouses in Amsterdam during sunset

February is a month that most of us primarily associate with winter holidays. When the days are still short and the weather outside the window can be capricious, it is worth planning an unforgettable trip! Discover the best holidays destinations in February and plan your dream holidays!

Travel to Tallinn, it's about time!

Don't like sightseeing in large crowds of people? In February, fly to Tallinn, one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe! When planning your holidays, take into account that, like here, it gets dark quickly in the Estonian capital. Arrange your day so that you have time to see all the major attractions in Tallinn before sunset! Don't worry, there is still a lot to do later. Spend your winter evenings taking leisurely strolls around the city or dining in local pubs

Visit one of the many medieval inns and try traditional moose soup, straight from a clay bowl, and in the evening, dress warmly and enjoy atmospheric Tallinn at night! Beautifully lit townhouses await you, especially those in the touristy part of town, as well as the narrow streets of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town. Planning to spend some more time in Tallinn? Be sure to visit City Hall Square, the historic city walls with Fat Margaret Tower and St. Nicholas Church. 

palace Kadriorg in Tallinn during the winter











Comfortable flights to Warsaw

Plan your holidays in Warsaw and find out how beautiful the Polish capital is! See the city's iconic and most recognizable building - the Palace of Culture and Science - and enjoy the city's panorama from the 30th floor observation deck! Relax on a stroll through the Royal Lazienki Park. This unique park in the heart of the city will work great for a relaxing day in nature! Visit the National Museum in Warsaw and the Museum of the Polish Army, where you'll learn even more about the country's history! 

The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town in Warsaw, full of charming houses and narrow streets will be perfect if you want to try Polish cuisine in one of the many charming pubs! Fly to Warsaw and discover the city of contrasts! Modern office buildings meet old tenements and buildings. While in Warsaw, don't forget to visit the most Instagrammable places in Warsaw! This city is full of photographic gems! Plan your vacation in February and discover the beauty of the Polish capital!

Old Town in Warsaw, Poland











Discover the wonderful Rzeszow in Poland!

Planning a winter vacation in Poland? Be sure to head to Rzeszow! The city boasts many tourist attractions, including a nearly 400-meter underground tunnel! Take a thrilling walk 10 meters underground and be amazed by the wide, beautifully exposed corridors. Wondering where the tunnel will take you? Don't worry! You'll end your tour at the city's main square, from where you can continue exploring outside the tunnel. Sit down in one of the nearby cafes, relax and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the local old town! Have a bit more time left? Explore the city's surroundings, abundant with local vineyards. Go on an excursion with local wine tasting, or plan a few days in the Bieszczady Mountains - a base for many mountain trails! 

Rzeszow central square at night









































This February fly to Baku!

Not sure where to fly in February to stay warm? Visit exotic Baku and be amazed by the diversity of Azerbaijani architecture! See for yourself some of the city's most famous tourist attractions - the Fire Towers, the Maiden Tower, the Heydar Aliyev Center or the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum

Carpet stand, market in Baku
Carpet stand, market in Baku

In your free time, relax and take a breath while strolling along the seaside promenade with a beautiful view of the Caspian Sea. After a long day full of excitement, be sure to visit one of the local restaurants and try typical Azerbaijani dishes. Savor the taste of delicious pilaf, piti and the world-famous kebab! I don't think we need to convince you? 











Don't hesitate any longer and plan Your unforgettable holidays in February! Visit unique destinations!

Get inspired!