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Discover Košice, a city with a maze of atmospheric streets

Visit the land of art, history and tasty food. For breakfast, try a traditional Slovak dish of potato dumplings with sheep cheese (Bryndzové halušky). What is worth seeing in Košice? Discover history of Slovakia in the East Slovak Museum, or set off to search for over 30 murals which beautifully adorn the city. St. Elisabeth's Cathedral, a magnificent Gothic church, is the pearl of Košice's Old Town. You can climb its 60 m bell tower to admire the panorama of the city. In the evening, feel the student vibes of Košice and try one of its most popular beer brands - Zlatý Bažant. To fully appreciate the charm of the neighbourhood and take spectacular photos, go on a one-day trip around Slovak castles. We recommend the Spiš Castle, the largest structure of this type in Central Europe.  

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