Interior of Geneva Airport terminal (GVA)

Geneva Airport (GVA)

Geneva Airport (GVA) is the second largest airport in Switzerland. In 2019, it handled more than 18 million passengers. Geneva Airport is located 4 kilometers from the city center, right on the Swiss-French border. GVA Airport's infrastructure includes two passenger terminals and a dedicated business terminal, with all operations taking place on a nearly 4 kilometer-long runway.

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Transfer from the airport

The most convenient way to get from the airport to the center of Geneva is by train. The ride takes 7-8 minutes, and the frequency is up to 7 times per hour. There is also a bus stop under the Geneva Airport terminal. If you choose this means of transport, you will reach Geneva after about 15 minutes. There are also buses and long-distance trains from Geneva Airport to other Swiss cities, as well as to France and ski resorts. If you are not fond of public transportation, you can take a cab or rent a car from one of the international car-rental networks. 

Amenities for travellers

Geneva Airport is among the airports with the highest standards of passenger service. You can find here, among other things, exclusive stores selling fine teas, elegant sweets and clothes from top fashion houses. If you dream of a stylish souvenir from Switzerland, you can purchase a luxury watch here before your flight. Restaurants welcoming Geneva Airport passengers who seek culinary experiences offer regional cuisine, dishes with caviar or seafood. VIP packages are available for passengers expecting premium service. Geneva Airport also has a public observation deck - the entrance is located on the fourth level of Terminal T1.