Can I have electronic devices in my checked baggage?

 Suitcase in an X-ray scanner against a navy blue background.

You may carry electronic devices in your checked baggage if they are powered by lithium-ion or lithium batteries as long as their capacity does not exceed 100 Wh and/or their lithium content does not exceed 0.3 g. 

Devices must be: :

  •  adequately protected against mechanical damage and accidental activation 
  • completely switched off (not in sleep or hibernation mode)
  • batteries that are removable must be taken out for transport and carried in hand luggage 

Spare batteries may not be carried in checked baggage.  

The passenger may take max. 15 battery-powered devices in both hand luggage and hold luggage

If you wish to take a larger number of electronic devices, please always contact us in advance to obtain approval for such transport. 

Check the details on the page on the transport of hazardous materials. 

Also use the Civil Aviation Authority's search engine to find out how to secure electronic devices in checked baggage.