How to book a flight if I do not have a name or a surname?

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We are aware that some cultures may not conform to globally predominant person naming conventions, and some confusion may arise as to how to fill out all necessary personal information in order to not only make a successfull reservation, but also avoid any potential problems at the airport: be that a check-in, passport control or boarding of the aircraft.

How to properly fill name and surname fields in such case?

In case you do not have a first name, please write your title ( MR/MRS/MS) instead.

In case you do not have a surname, please enter your name in place of your surname. Then, write your title (MRS/MR/MS) in place of the first name.

In short, if you lack either name or surname, you put whichever of those you posess in the surname field. Then, you fill the first name field with your appropriate title (MR/MRS/MS)

This will make it easier for systems and staff to identify You in a standarized way.