Can I order a nut-free dish?

Yes. In our range of special meals you will find a dish without nuts or its derivatives (NPML). Order such a meal in Manage booking or via LOT Contact Center.

Additional meal service is available up to 24/36* hours prior to departure time. 


*For detailed information see related topic: How much in advance should I order a meal?

Due to the complex food preparation and loading procedures of the aircraft, we cannot guarantee that the on-board environment will be completely nut-free. We also cannot influence whether other passengers will carry nuts or use nuts containing them - including meals and snacks delivered to our decks. Therefore, despite our efforts, we are unable to provide a 100% allergen-free environment for nut allergy sufferers. Please take all necessary precautions in view of the risk of allergen exposure. If you have any concerns about your ability to travel, we encourage you to discuss your plans with your doctor.