Croatia – ideas for holidays for two

Panorama of city Opatija

Whether you have a few days or a few weeks to spare, the list of ideas for what to do in Croatia with your loved one is endless. The time you will spend there may be romantic, active, peaceful or adventurous. It's all is up to you!

On a desert island

Are you dreaming of spending some time together, only you two? No children, work, other people, or sometimes even mobile reception... Perhaps you will decide to stay on a (nearly) desert island? There are plenty of such islands there. For example, Unije in the Kvarner Gulf has the a population of only 80, no wheeled traffic, only one shop, and no medical care station. What it does have is simple sna low life that runs according to the time of the day and year, and the local people pursue livestock farming as well as growing and processing of olives. If you find this kind of Croatia the perfect place for you, look for the ferry in Mali Lošinj on the island of Lošinj.











Lone lighthouse keepers

You can travel even farther away from civilisation and go to the small island of Vela Palagruža in the archipelago by the same name, which is situated 125 km to the south from Split, roughly half way between the coasts of Croatia and Italy. Standing on it is a spectacular and majestic lighthouse surrounded by blue waters of the Adriatic that stretch for as far as the eye can see. Since it is so inaccessible, its population includes only the lighthouse keeper and a worker of the local meteorological station. How about holidays with the lighthouse keeper then? But remember, no supplies reach the place, so you will have to either take some foodstuffs with you or buy some fish from the fishermen who operate in that area.

View on Rijeka

Carnival in Rijeka

Venice is not the only city that boasts colourful carnival. If you happen to visit Croatia in winter, you can expect some good fun also in Rijeka, especially on the last Sunday before Ash Wednesday, when a colourful and noisy procession walks through the city. On the Saturday evening preceding that event, you can have wild fun during various dancing parties as well as take part in food tasting events, see some exhibitions and concerts, try some local delicacies and buy some handicraft.

Two on two wheels

Croatia offers plenty of activities to couples longing for quality time together. When in Cres, you can e.g. hop on bicycles and travel the island up and down on two wheels. Cres is the largest island in Croatia (not Krk, as some people clam wrongly), covered with low vegetation and relatively sparsely populated. Abundant with charming locations, it has pretty flat terrain, so will not have to be very fit. This is definetly a place that you must see!

Island Cres in Croatia

In a vineyard

What activities in Croatia will ensure that you can enjoy holiday mood for as long as possible? Best produce something that will remind you of the cheerful time there. Maybe some wine? Drunk together in a winter evening, it will immediately bring back your summer memories. The best Croatian wine comes from Slavonia, an inland region in the east of the country, whose gently undulating terrain is covered with hectares of grapevine amidst which runs a dense network of wine routes. Set up at those routes there are numerous cellars where you can enjoy some wine and local products, particularly cheese and cold meats, including the Slavonian speciality – kulen. If you happen to visit the region in early autumn, you can… find employment at vine harvests. This will let you discover the colour of the local life, spend some time together, and you will be given a bottle of exquisite wine as a farewell gift!

Wrap yourselves in mud and salt

Many tourists associate Croatia mainly with wine and olive oil, and rightly so. But that small country produces also something else: sea salt, known also as the white gold. One of the country's oldest salt mines is located on the eastern coast of the Adriatic in Nin, a small but charming town near Zadar. Salt is produced there in several dozen concrete pools, in which seawater is evaporated and salt crystallised. The whole process takes up to 3 months. Sych salt can be used in cooking, but also in… cosmetology. A handful sprinkled into to your bath, with a few drops of olive and lavender oil (produced in Croatia, of course), is not only sensual, but also very good for your skin. Some excellent health results can be achieved on the Royal Beach, where sand is replaced with black mud. Just smear it on your body, wait a quarter, and rinse yourselves in the sea. The locals believe the therapy works wonders.  

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