The most beautiful views of Dubrovnik - the best sites to take photos


Vantage points in Dubrovnik will complement your trip and leave you with unforgettable impressions. The pearl of the Adriatic, enclosed within a ring of walls and stretching into the sea, the city looks fascinating from above!

From city walls

When it comes to attractions of Dubrovnik and the entire Croatia, the walls surrounding the city are the absolute top, so unfortunately you should expect crowds of people visiting them in the high season. Unless you arrive just after the opening time. The earlier you show up, the fewer companions and the more space you will have for your sighs of delight. And rest assured – these will come in plenty! You will sight with admiration when you realise their scale. They are 1,940 metres long, and their thickness ranges from 1.5 metres to 6 metres in some places! Their height also varies – from the landward side it is 22–25 metres, while from the seaward side the walls rise straight from the steep rocks, so there are places where they are quite low. When you stand on this side of the city, you can feel the cool sea breeze even on a hot day. Take a look at an amazing natural show in which the main role is played by the waves crashing on the rock. Rising from the walls there are three round towers and dozen square turrets, several bastions and two imposing corner defences. They all make up the best preserved Medieval fortification system in Europe, and a symbol of the independence and wealth of Dubrovnik, which was an independent republic since the 15 century and one of the most important centres at the Adriatic. The city based its wealth on skilful politics, trade, salt and the port. Walking on the city walls, you have a clear view of Dubrovnik's attractions. Just reach for them. If you like taking photos, you will have a new frame opening for you every step you take. Each more captivating than the previous one. Beautiful historic monuments, scenic alleys…





From the fort

You will get a different perspective from the Lovrijenac Fort, a standalone rectangular fortress build on a rocky peninsula in the eastern section of the old town. It is another part of the city's defensive system. Since the rock rises from the sea to more than 35 metres, the viewing platform is really excellent. It's one of the best photography locations in Dubrovnik!

From the air

Vantage points in Dubrovnik are limited to the city walls only! The old town looks best from the air, but you don't need to rent an plane to experience that. Until recently, such views could be seen only from one vantage point at the Adriatic thoroughfare just outside the old town – you just had to pull over to admire the white city rising straight from the water. Luckily, the city's cable railway, destroyed during the Yugoslavian war, was reopened a few year ago. You can take it to get to the Imperial Fort on the Srdj Hill towering above the city. The view is truly stunning. Enjoy the local restaurant and absorb the amazing views sipping on a glass of white wine. Down below, there is a peninsula stretching into the navy-blue sea and densely packed with building build of white stone and covered with red roof tiles, which offers a truly magnificent pallet of colours. If you are fit, you can try to climb the mountain (412 m asl!) on foot taking the meandering path. Installed on the bends of the path, there are modern stations of the Way of the Cross.

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