Flavours of the Adriatic, or things to eat in Dubrovnik

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Tired of sightseeing of the city? Take a seat and have a cup of aromatic coffee. You are in Croatia, so it is bound to be delicious and aromatic, and topped with a view of beautiful historic monuments. Maybe you will decide to have lunch? Where and what to eat in Dubrovnik? You will find a host of excellent locations with fine menu in the harbour – just enter the narrow passage behind the Duke's Palace. In addition to seat at the numerous restaurants, you will have the view of moored boats, blue surface of water and the inner side of the city's defensive walls. It is going to be tasty and beautiful!

Praise of simplicity

Southern Croatia, from Sibenik to Dubrovnik, is a centre of the olive cultivation and production of top-quality olive oil. Both the fruit and oil are considered by many experts to be among the best and most valuable in the world. Therefore, a bowl of olives and bread which you will dip in Dalmatia's "liquid gold" will make a perfect appetiser. The taste of the local olive oil is so distinct that you are not going to need anything else! However, if you wish to try some additions, have a long-dried pršut and some grilled peppers and aubergine.

oilw oli

Gifts of the Adriatic

Food of Dubrovnik and the entire Dalmatia is a topic as wide as a river, or even a sea... The sea of ideas. You can spend a number of visits on trying new flavours and enjoying local dishes. As is proper for a seaside region, the menu here is dominated by seafood and fish. It is a perfect choice every time. Just caught by the local fishermen, seasoned with herbs, baked and served with juicy vegetables, they are delicious and healthy. Here, even sardines delicately sprinkled with salt will make an exquisite meal. You should also try prawns, or order a bowl of squids, mussels, oysters and many other mollusc and crustacean. Ideally, they should be doused in aromatic tomato sauce and served with bread and white wine.

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For meat lovers

Pašticada is Dalmatia's legendary dish. If you like meat, this is the perfect choice for you. Its secret lies in appropriate preparation of beef, which is seasoned for a few days in a marinade with wine vinegar, and then stewed for many hours on low heat, with some stock or wine added from time to time. Such meat is velvet smooth and melts in your mouth, but still has a full-bodied flavour. The meat can be served with either chips or dumplings that resemble Italian gnocchi. Meat lovers should also like lamb roasted under a special dome called peka.

For the brave

What can you eat in Dubrovnik to make your stay an unforgettable experience? If you are not afraid of new sensations and don't mind different colours of your dishes, then order... black risotto with seafood. The unusual colour of the dish is achieved by dying the rice with squid's ink. It can be served as an appetiser, but will make a fine main course as well.

Nut flavour

You have had delicious and nourishing lunch then? On the one hand, you feel that you can't swallow anything more, but on the other you are tempted to have something sweet? Try dubrovačka torta, a cake that made it to the list of Dubrovnik's delicacies in the late 16th century thanks to a recipe created by monks. If you love chocolate and nuts, you are going to be delighted! And if you fancy something lighter, the try the local rozata, a dessert that resembles the French crème brûlée, but has a distinct flavour of rose liqueur.  

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