Munich for the whole family - attractions interesting also for children

View of Olympia Park on a sunny day

There are cities where even the youngest members of the family will never be bored. One of them is Munich, a city worth visiting with children on a family trip. The capital of Bavaria has everything you need: great monuments, interesting museums, amusement parks and a zoo. What are the requirements? A positive attitude and a pinch of good energy. Great emotions guaranteed!

Emotions linked with learning - Deutsches Museum

On Isar, the river that flows through Munich, there is an island almost entirely occupied by one of the largest and most interesting technology museums in the world, the Deutsches Museum. This huge and exciting facility tells the story of science and technology in a fascinating way. Moreover, it includes past discoveries and achievements as well as contemporary scientific breakthroughs! An infinite number of exhibits and a (partly) interactive exhibition make this site one of those attractions for children in Munich, where none of you will get bored and where you can spend even a whole day in an interesting way.

Sports emotions - Allianz Arena and Olympic Park

The capital of Bavarian is of course associated also with top-class sport, and above all great football, so be sure to visit the Allianz Arena situated in the far northern suburbs. This place fascinates for many reasons - both as one of the most modern stadiums in Europe and as the home of an important European football club, Bayern Munich. Completed in 2005, the facility can accommodate over 57,000 people seated in the stands! Visiting the stadium is an extraordinary experience on its own, but if you’ll be lucky enough to see this great team on the pitch, the excitement will surely reach its peak. If you're visiting Munich with children who are fans of the Bavarian champion, don't miss the museum located next to the stadium, where you can admire various exhibits related to the team.

stadium Bayern Monachium





But the sporting adventure doesn’t end there. You must visit the extraordinary Olympic Park, which was created for the 1972 games hosted by Munich. It was the first world-class sporting event in the Germany’s post-war history. The most important task the organisers set for themselves was to break with the memory of the propagandistic Berlin Games of 1936. According to the plans, the newly erected buildings were to be the opposite of the heavy edifices build four decades earlier. It is for this reason that the Olympiapark is filled with incredibly light structures that resemble temporary tents stretched over arenas of sporting competition. The park is a beautiful recreational area, serving as the green lungs of the city. It offers a place for walking, cycling, playing football or just lying on a blanket. Don't forget to climb the Olympiaberg, from where you’ll have an amazing view of the entire sports complex, and then go up to the Olympiaturm tower to admire... even more magnificent views!

Emotions linked to nature - Sealife

In the park you’ll also find Sealife, which is a great oceanarium where you can take a look at the life of underwater creatures. Are you ready to face the shark? Or do you prefer the good old slow turtles? There is so much wildlife gathered here that you can easily find a section that interests you the most. This establishment can certainly be ranked high among the attractions for children in Munich. And if your little one is interested in the world of nature, you can still visit the Museum of Palaeontology and the Museum of Man and Nature.

Automotive attractions or the BMW factory

Adjacent to the Olympic Park, there is the massive factory that produces what Bavaria is world famous for, namely the BMW cars. No matter if you're interested in the automotive industry, the way the cars are presented here and the brand’s story told will delight everyone! You can also take a look at the BMW Welt, which is a free attraction presenting modern technological developments. Everything here is held together by a skyscraper occupied by the company’s management board resembling... pistons in a car engine! Time to hit the road!

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