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publication date: March 22, 2023

Easter in Poland - traditions and customs

Easter in Poland is celebrated very traditionally, and customs such as blessing the basket, painting Easter eggs or sharing a symbolic egg have already become firmly established in our consciousness. It is also hard to imagine the Polish Easter holidays without a colorful Palm Sunday or a wet Śmingus-Dyngus. You have to admit, it's fun! If you want to know other interesting facts about Easter, be sure to read our article. Discover that Easter in Poland is a unique holiday, full of interesting traditions and customs!

What to do for Easter? 4 symbols of Easter

1. Easter - traditions in the region of Kurpie

What can you do for Easter? Spend Palm Sunday in the Polish Kurpie region of Łyse. Experience a true feast of colors during the annual contest for the tallest palm tree! Did you know that decorating palm branches is one of the most famous Polish traditions? Artwork palms are often made from a wide variety of materials, such as flowers or crepevine. Easter palms usually reach colossal sizes and not infrequently weigh so much that they have to be carried even by several people! This is a wonderful Polish tradition that is particularly awe-inspiring for the youngest! A visit to Kurpie, is also a great opportunity to admire Kurpie folk costumes, which for this special occasion, are worn by local residents.

A group of children playing at Easter Egg Hunt, laughing and shouting, outside in the sunshine; Easter ideas

2. Easter ideas - painting Easter eggs

What do you associate Polish Easter with? Easter eggs are the correct answer! Painted eggs at Easter is a very creative tradition that is loved especially by children. Just before Easter, Polish homes, schools and kindergartens organize the annual painting of pisanki, or egg shells. When painting, it's creativity and imagination that come first! Easter eggs of various patterns and colors later serve as beautiful holiday decorations, and painting them is a unique way to spend time with family and a great break from the fervor of holiday preparations!

P.S. Did you know that the custom of painting an egg for Easter comes from Persia? With its symbolism, it refers to nature awakening to life, and in the Christian religion - to the belief in the resurrection of Christ.

A mother and father showing their young daughter a box of chocolates for Easter. They open the box and the little girl is excited. They are outside in northeast England; Easter ideas

3. Interesting facts about Easter - Śmingus Dyngus

One of the most interesting Polish traditions is the especially beloved by the youngest of children, the Holy Monday. What is commonly known as Śmingus-Dyngus? It is a modern custom, consisting in... dousing each other with water! Did you know that in the past, śmigus and dyngus were separate customs? Śmigus consisted of symbolically slapping each other's legs with willow stems and dousing each other with water, which was supposed to symbolize spring cleansing. Dyngus, on the other hand, focused on paying visits to acquaintances and complete strangers, and the visits were often accompanied by refreshments. Today, the custom has taken a more contemporary form and involves dousing each other with water using buckets, children's plastic guns or eggs. I guess we don't need to say that the fun of Easter Monday is great for the whole family? 

P.S. This interesting fact about Easter you probably don't know! The first mention of Holy Monday appeared as early as the 14th century, and it was one of the Slavic customs cultivated at the time.




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4. What dishes to prepare for Easter? Traditional Easter menu

Boiled eggs

If there is something that under no circumstances should be missing from your Easter table - it is boiled eggs. We must admit that they have become a part of the traditional Easter menu of every Polish home for good! Eggs for Easter are usually hard boiled, served with mayonnaise or stuffed with mushrooms.

Sour soup

Wondering what are the most popular dishes for the holiday? Easter in Poland is all about sour soup - żurek! When you visit a Polish home for Easter breakfast, you are sure to taste it! The soup is made with a base of meat stock and thickened with bread sourdough, which gives it its characteristic sour taste. Sour soup ingredients include potatoes, carrots, parsley, onions, as well as a hard-boiled egg and sausage, usually white.

Holy Week procession in Leon, Spain, during the Easter holiday; Easter ideas

Jar salad

Jar Salad is the most traditional holiday dish in Poland. It appears on Polish tables not only during Easter, but also during other important holidays and celebrations. The ingredients of vegetable salad are easily available, simple and versatile - you will find potatoes, carrots, celery, parsley, pickled cucumber, peas, egg and onion. Finally, all the ingredients are mixed and seasoned with mayonnaise and pepper. Enjoy!


Are you planning Easter? Baked goods are a must for any Easter breakfast. Particularly if the Easter table will feature.... mazurek! Crispy dough, sweet kajmak or chocolate mass, and a decoration made of dried fruits and nuts, make mazurek the most delicious Polish cake. Even the most demanding gourmets will appreciate it!

Easter homemade hot cross buns, buttered quail unpainted eggs. Easter idea for family in Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, England; Easter ideas

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