Slovakia with children – ideas about interesting holidays

Sun -illuminated by rural huts

Slovakia's attractions are so diverse and adapted to suit different tastes and needs that spending holidays there with you kid is a really good idea! In your own pace and within the bounds of your abilities, you can either trek in the mountains, have wild fun in water parks, or explore the secrets of the earth. Or history. Or you can just lie at the lake doing nothing.

Land of Ice (and interesting speleothem formations)

You can find lots of caves in the Slovakian Tatras, with the Demanova Cave System being one of the most popular sites of this kind and one of the greatest attractions in Slovakia. Open to the public are Ice and Freedom caves. If you decide to visit them, they will amaze you with their size and tremendously rich and fantastic speleothem formations! Neither you nor your child will be able to take your eyes off sophisticated stalactites and stalagmites. You will certainly be impressed by the ice sections. And if you like the Ice cave, then you can expect similar experiences in the Dobšiná Cave, where the ice layer is thicker than 25 cm in some places. All scenic routes are relatively easy, so they are not a big challenge even for kids.


Can an ordinary village be any country's attraction? And one featuring on the UNESCO List to that? You can be surprised, the more so if you have already visited such sites as the Spiš Castle and Levoča. But the fact is that Vlkolínec, a charming village in the Great Fatra Range in Liptov, is demanding some tourist attention with equal pride and trust in its value. You will be delighted by its isolation from the world and wonderful rural architecture in a characteristic style for that region. Some of the houses are inhabited, while in some other an exhibition has been arranged. If you are visiting Slovakia with your children, you will have a great opportunity to show them what life looked like many years ago. And if they like that place, then you can set off in search for that bygone world also in the Museum of the Slovak Village, the country's largest heritage park. Situated in the outskirts of the city of Martin, it is really well organised! You will see some 150 buildings built between the mid 19th and mid 20th centuries.

Vlkoliniec village in Slovakia































A path in tree tops

Slovaks have not resisted the fashion of building routes "in tree tops". Whatever you might think about that trend, a great asset of their popular route in Bachledova Valley is that it offers scenic views from platforms built as high as 24 metres. Standing above a thick forest, you can look far into the Belianske Tatras and Pieniny! It's perfect attractions for children. And if you have sharp eyesight, you will spot the castle in Niedzica. Fancy some more emotions? Instead of walking the route, you can have a ride down a slide!

Wooden cottage on the shore of the lake, around the forest, mountains in the background on a sunny day

Water parks

Mountaineering, long treks, tiring walks. And how about some carefree fun after the effort? If you are discovering Slovakia with children, the Tatralandia in Liptovský Mikuláš will be a true paradise for you. It is a huge water park with countless slides, swimming pools and other water attractions, as well as a spa & wellness area and a pool with 60 degrees Celsius thermal water. if you get bored with that park, you can always move to Aquapark City in Poprad, where you also can have some wild fund and unwind totally.

Sea... of Liptov

Pedalos, motor boats, surf boards! The waves there might not be as fine as in the Mediterranean, the landscapes as picturesque, and water that warm… but Liptovská Mara will surely give you a true taste of holidays at the seaside. It is a reservoir, one of the country's largest, created between Liptovský Mikuláš and Ružomberok. There is everything you might need to spend a nice summer day.

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Liptov Sea against the background of mountains in the fog































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