Toronto's evening skyline, where to fly on holiday in October?

update date: 12 July 2023

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Where to fly in October? 5 ideas for your dream holiday!

Autumn weather does not have to be gloomy and monotonous. Take a break and enjoy the moment in some of the world's most beautiful destinations. Magical sights, great food and intriguing culture await you. Sunny Nice, magical Prague or perhaps distant Toronto?  Find your dream holiday destination in October today!

Where to fly on holiday in October?

1. Holidays in October in Toronto

Looking for an idea for an October holiday? Be sure to consider Toronto! Beautiful landscapes, pleasant weather and breathtaking buildings - Canada is a great idea for a holiday in October! While you're here, be sure to visit the Royal Ontario Museum, which is the largest museum in all of Canada. Staying with culture and interesting exhibitions... head to the Ontario Science Centre, where you'll find hundreds of impressive exhibits, most of them interactive.





Holidays in October - where else to go while in Toronto? To the legendary CN Tower! See the impressive skyline of the city, particularly impressive after sunset. If you prefer to admire the city by sea, opt for an exciting cruise around the harbour and the Toronto Islands. When choosing a Toronto holiday in October, don't miss out on one of the city's most popular attractions. Travel back in time with a trip to Casa Loma Castle, the only full-size castle in North America where scenes for films were filmed: "X-Man" or "Smoking". Plus, you'll learn about the city's remarkable history and see antiques from the 20th century. If you are looking for a holiday idea in October, choose Toronto and book your flight today!


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View of skyscrapers in Toronto, holiday in October

2. Autumn holidays in Nice

An idea for a unique holiday in October? Decide on a holiday in Nice! With its delicious French cuisine and pleasant, warm temperatures, your autumn holiday is sure to be a success. The Côte d'Azur is famous not only for its beautiful landscapes and blue sea, but also for its rich cultural offer. Enjoy exceptional seafood, the local Pan Bagnat sandwich and the delicious Nice Salad. From the cultural aspects, you will find the Massena Museum, the National Sports Museum or the Museum of Fine Arts, among others, rich in numerous exhibits and collections of world-famous artists.





When going for a stroll around the city, head in turn to the Old Town, where you will find many restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. Where to go on holiday in October? For a day trip through Provence! During the trip, you'll discover the most beautiful French landscapes and picturesque villages and, if you're lucky, you'll visit a real French perfume factory. 

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Discover the beauty of the Côte d'Azur, enjoy the sun and enjoy an autumn holiday. If you are looking for an idea for an unforgettable holiday in October, Nice will be the perfect choice!

Nice coast at sunset, where to fly in October?

3. October holiday in Prague

Make the most of the autumn weather by taking a holiday in October in Prague! Be sure to visit Hradčany Castle, which is one of the largest castles in the world, and take a stroll through its picturesque gardens, admiring the panorama of the city from the observation tower. In the evening, opt for a leisurely cruise on the longest river in the Czech Republic, the Vltava. During the journey, you'll admire the most important sights of Prague in the Czech Republic, with the beautifully illuminated buildings adding to the charm.





Also head to the Old Town, which is the cultural and commercial centre of the Czech capital. Here you'll find a number of restaurants where you can sample delicious Czech cuisine. Try Kulajda - a traditional local soup, delicious dumplings, goulash or fried cheese. When holidaying in Prague in October, be sure to take a walk across the fairytale Charles Bridge, connecting the Old Town to Malá Strana.


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Holidays in October - where else to go? Visit Prague's museums! The Czech capital is distinguished by its wealth of cultural attractions. The most famous of these include: The National Museum, the Museum of the Senses or the National Museum of Technology.

Book your flight today and plan a unique holiday in October in Prague!

A view of the Prague skyline , where to holiday in October?

4. On holiday in October to Yerevan

Discover the beauty of Armenia and fly to Yerevan for your holiday in October! Experience the unique Armenian culture, sample the local cuisine and visit the country's most famous monuments. Also take a day trip to Khorvirap, Noravank and Areni Winery. Admire the breathtaking views of Armenia's symbol, the sacred Mount Ararat, and visit a local winery before... admire the picturesque architecture of the medieval Noravank Monastery.





Holidays in Armenia in October are a great time to visit the capital's most famous sights. Be sure to see the Cascades in Yerevan, which is nothing less than a unique art museum built into a hill. Here you will find numerous exhibitions, paintings and sculptures, and at the top of the... an observation deck overlooking the beautiful city skyline. Spend an autumn evening strolling along the Plaza de la Republique, where government buildings and the National Art Gallery are located. There you will discover a variety of works, including prints, sculptures and portraits. 


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Holidays in October are a great time for shopping! Head to the nearby bazaars where you can find local souvenirs, oriental spices and learn about the daily life of Armenians. Be sure to also try the lavash bread, the local dolma - meat with rice wrapped in grape leaves - and the sweet dessert, paklavaYerevan is the perfect holiday destination in October, so.... book your flight today!

A view of the historic building and Mount Ararat, where to fly in October?

5. Where to relax in October? In Astana!

Fabulous architecture, unique climate and delicious Kazakh cuisine - spend your holiday in October in Astana! While you're here, you'll see unique architecture - a combination of modern skyscrapers and historic buildings from the last century. Be sure to visit the impressive Peace and Reconciliation Palace - a glass pyramid housing, among other things, the Kazakhstan Opera Theatre.





If you want to admire the capital's skyline from a height, be sure to head to the monumental Bäjterek observation tower. Holidays in October are also a great time to walk past the majestic Ak Ord Presidential Palace. On its opposite side, visit Khan Shatir - the largest tent in the world, which is the entertainment and shopping centre of the capital's residents. Inside you will shop, buy souvenirs and sample local Kazakh cuisine. Also enjoy the traditional dish beshbarmak - meat served on slices of noodles, local shashliks, kebabs and pilaf - rice with mutton and vegetables. For dessert, order baursak - a delicious doughnut, usually served with butter and jam. 


Tours of intriguing Astana

Discover the beauty of Astana and its exciting architecture!

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book a trip (opens in a new tab)

After satisfying your palate, head to the Astana Opera and Ballet Theatre, which is one of the capital's main attractions and.... the largest theatre in Central Asia! Go to one of the plays on show and experience the culture of Kazakhstan from the inside. Plan your holiday in October and find your flight to Astana!

A view of Astana's skyscrapers, where to fly in October?

Plan your autumn holiday just the way you like it! Take advantage of the best offers and find a date convenient for you. Holidays in October are waiting for you!

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Already know where to relax in October? Get inspired for the months ahead!

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