Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737 in different versions is the most popular jet airliner ever. In our fleet, it is used for domestic and long-distance flights.

The narrow-body, two-engine model 800, configured especially for us, takes 186 passengers on board, in the two cabin classes.

Onboard the 737s, you can take advantage of:

  • large hand luggage compartments
  • spacious cabin thanks to large body diameter

Our Boeing 737-800s operate, among others, on routes to Barcelona, Brussels, Yerevan, Frankfurt, Madrid or Tel Aviv.

Boeing 737-800 - Seat Plan

Specification Value
Length 39,5 m
Height 12,57 m
Wingspan 35,8 m
Fuselage diameter 3,76 m
Maximum take-off mass 76 655 kg / 79 015 kg *
Number of seats 186 / 168 **
Aircraft engine CFM56-7B
Cruising speed 838 km/h
Range 5 420 km
Maximum fuel 21 320 kg
Operational ceiling 12 500 m
Number of items 6

*respectively 4 and 2 planes in fleet

**2 planes in fleet expected to change configuration to 2-compartment/168 seats in 2022

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