Student fares

We have started cooperation with Flyla to provide students with the best offers on flight tickets. As a result, students can find tickets at a promotional price on flights and book it directly on the Flyla website after verifying the student status.

Currently we are working with Flyla on new offer of discounts. Therefore, for the time being student fares are not available for our flights.

Meet Flyla

Flyla is a platform where you can find all the discounts on flight tickets for students. It is working along with airlines in Europe and beyond to offer students special prices for seats on planes that would otherwise remain empty.

Four Flyla employees in white T-shirts with the company logo

Additionally, Flyla also actively participates in carbon offsetting, meaning that each of your flights booked with a student discount reduces the carbon footprint per passenger.

What does this mean for you? With Flyla, you can get discounts on selected routes - up to 80% off the regular flight price.

We have introduced an exclusive partnership with Flyla, allowing you to book last-minute flights for an attractive price. So, whether you want to spontaneously visit a friend over the weekend, simply escape the city, or fly home to see your family, LOT and Flyla have an offer for you!

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