Why spend your holidays on the Adriatic? Find out 4 reasons!

Are you dreaming of a holiday in the Balkans or in beautiful Croatia? No wonder - after all, these are the perfect places for a holiday! Sunny weather, delicious cuisine and cheerful people - these are the highlights of the Adriatic countries such as Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. Choose a city in this part of Europe and enjoy a good holiday. Just like that!

Holidays in beautiful Croatia

Dubrovnik, the Pearl of the Adriatic at your fingertips

Dubrovnik is undoubtedly the most beautiful and popular city in Croatia. It is not without reason that it is called the Pearl of the Adriatic - due to its picturesque location in the Dalmatian region, it acts as its main tourist centre.

Dubrovnik is a city rich in monuments. Its picturesque old town (which has preserved its medieval layout and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site!) is what attracts millions of tourists every year. The destination is also hugely popular for its picturesque beaches, stunning views, excellent cuisine and.... numerous museums and galleries.

When visiting Dubrovnik, choose to visit the city's main square, considered one of the most beautiful in Europe. Although it is surrounded by many amazing buildings dating from the 15th to the 17th century, your attention will certainly be drawn to the Duke's Palace, which formerly served as the seat of the republic's authorities.

When planning a holiday in Croatia, don't forget to see the region's historical monument, the Great Well, which dates back to 1438. You will find it on a small square, around which numerous temples proudly rise.





When visiting Dubrovnik, climb to the top of SRD Mountain, which offers a spectacular view of the city skyline. Be sure to also stroll along Placa Street, which measures around three hundred metres in length and includes numerous shops, cafes and restaurants. Stop here for a coffee and.... simply enjoy the moment!

Ancient Split that will charm you

Like Dubrovnik, Split is located right on the Adriatic Sea, within Croatia's most beautiful region, Dalmatia. It is the second largest (in terms of population) city in Croatia and, despite its turbulent past, attracts many tourists every year.

Start your tour of Split with the Golden Gate, erected in the 4th century, which serves as a kind of entrance to the Old Town. Once you have strolled through its narrow streets, you will reach the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Diocletian's Palace. If you are interested in history, be sure to visit the Ethnographic Museum, where you will find interesting exhibitions of artefacts from the entire Dalmatian region!

Split is not only about exceptional monuments and history. You can experience a more modern atmosphere by walking along... promenade. Located on the beautiful Adriatic Sea, it offers wonderful views of the harbour and the sea. The 178-metre-high Marjan Hill is also a noteworthy spot, providing a great vantage point! Are you dreaming of a bit of relaxation? There is nothing left to do but visit Bacvice Beach.





PS Did you know that Split's history dates all the way back to the 3rd century BC? Originally, the city was founded by the Greeks and then came under the rule of the Romans.

Holidays in the Balkans - intriguing Albania

Magnetic Tirana, a city full of energy

When planning a holiday in the Balkans, you can't miss the capital of Albania, Tirana. Its unusual architecture, combining Ottoman and Soviet influences, means there is something magnetic about Tirana. It's fair to say that the Albanian capital is a city full of energy - the street life here is vibrant from early in the morning, until late in the evening!

When planning your visit to Tirana, start with Skanderbeg Square, located in the centre, with its statue of the national hero depicted on horseback. The square is also home to the National Historical Museum and a mosque with beautiful mosaics inside. There is also a clock tower right next to the minaret, and nearby (across the river), is the old mausoleum of the dictator Enver Hoxha. There is also no lack of nuclear shelters, which the aforementioned dictator was obsessed with.

Did you know that Tirana residents often go out for walks after work? It even has its own special name - xhiro. In Tirana, specifically in the Blloku district, you'll also come across a variety of street signs that appeared in the city to mark the 100th anniversary of Tirana being the capital of Albania. Today they are part of street art - decide which one is your favourite!

Tirana is a city surrounded by mountains. So if you dream of taking a ride on the only gondola railway in the country, be sure to choose the Kinostudio district, which is a little away from the centre. The cable car itself is four kilometres long, and you will reach an altitude of around 1,230 metres above sea level.





So don't delay a moment longer and plan your unforgettable Balkan holiday in Tirana. Discover its unmistakable charm and beauty, then choose to come with us to.... Podgorica!

Holidays in the Balkans - Stunning Montenegro

Small Podgorica that makes a great impression

As you probably already know, Montenegro is a fairly small country in the Balkans. Not surprisingly, its capital Podgorica is also the smallest capital in Europe (with a population of less than 200,000). Podgorica is a rather peculiar, yet unremarkable city. Its origins date back to antiquity, but most of the buildings were not built until after the Second World War. Many visitors treat Podgorica only as a transport hub. We, however, want to convince you that Podgorica is a city worth staying in for a longer period of time. Especially if you are planning a holiday in the Balkans this year!

One of Podgorica's many assets is its location. The city is located in a valley between the Dinaric Mountains, which will allow you to enjoy picturesque mountain views every day. Instead, start your city tour from the Stara Varos district, which served as the city centre during the Ottoman influence. Look out for the characteristic cobbled streets and single-storey houses, as well as the Sat Kula Clock Tower, which was built in 1667. Interestingly, its clock mechanism was specially imported from... Italy.

Would you agree with us that practically every city has a distinctive square? The most important one in Podgorica is the extremely well-kept and encased in the concrete architecture characteristic of the former Yugoslavia, the Republic Square. Around the square you will also find the Montenegrin National Library and the country's most important stage, the National Theatre. While spending your holiday in the Balkans, don't forget to also see the Old Bridge in Ribnica, built at the height of Turkish rule, as well as the most characteristic building in the city - the Resurrection Cathedral.

Interested in history? Find out more about how the Montenegrin capital was built by taking a trip to the... City Museum. You can also see interesting exhibits related to the country's ancient history at the Archaeological Museum. Plan your Balkan holiday in the capital of Montenegro and find out that Podgorica is a city full of contrasts, where the past meets the present!





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