Places worth to see in Lithuania - the best attractions which you must visit

old town Kowno

Lithuania's attractions continue to touch a sentimental note in Poles. Common history and experiences attract thousands of Polish tourists who are eager to discover the land that used to be a part of the Republic. Although the to-see list is dominated by Vilnius, it is worth to see some other faces of that interesting country as well.

Vilnius – a cultural crossroads

Old town in Vilnius

You must see Vilnius, the former seat of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and a city that is close to the Polish heart. It is also a point where the Eastern and Western influences meet - a true cultural crossroads! Get ready for intensive sightseeing, for there is a number of Lithuania's key historic monuments in Vilnius. Start at the Cathedral Square with the Vilnius Cathedral and Lowed Castle, and continue to the Castle, from which you can see a beautiful panorama of the city. Walk down Castle Street, a promenade tightly packed with cafés, restaurants and shops with local products. Then visit the Bishop's Palace and the magnificent Vilnius University, which educated numerous excellent scientists and artists. Call at the Bernardine Lane where Mickiewicz once lived. Visit all the city's valuable temples of various denominations, the Town Hall Square and the Basilian Monastery, which was popularised by Mickiewicz's drama "Dziady". It was where Konrad transformed into Gustaw. Finally, there is the most popular classic - the Gate of Dawn. When you have seen it all, go to for a sentimental walk around the scenic Rasos Cemetery. In Vilnius, you will also have plenty of opportunities to have fun and find many places have fantastic feasts.

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Trakai - a post card view

The castle in Trakai near Vilnius is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque attractions in Lithuania. You must have seen that post card view – a green island in the blue Lake Galvė, and on it rises a Medieval brick fortress (although the current structure is largely a 20th century replica). The place is really beautiful. You can reach the castle on a wooden bridge, but look at it also from a different perspective. Rent a pedalo and cruise around the fortress – you will get relax and splendid views in the same package. Behind the castle, you will see another scenic view – the Tyszkiewicz Palace. Trakai offers also one other attraction – the heritage of the Karaim minority. You must see the traditional Karaim homesteads, a temple (kenesa), and an exhibition showing their culture. And at the end, try their excellent cuisine.

Palanga - Lithuania's summer capital

Palanga at sunset





In Lithuania, you can also spend a few days at the seaside. The local beaches are wide and sandy, which makes them perfect places not only to relax on a deckchair, but also to have long leisurely walks. You must visit Palanga, Lithuania's largest and most popular holiday resort, where you will find nice architecture and very interesting Amber Museum arranged in the former Tyszkiewicz Palace. Enjoy the carefree atmosphere!

Druskininkai - improve your health in Lithuania!

Druskininkai is Lithuania's most popular health resort, known for its excellent climatic and balneotherapeutic facilities. The city offer professional treatment centres, wooden houses and villas, including the Kiersnovski Villa, interesting temples, and a gondola cableway hanging high above the Nemunas River, offering a strong dose of thrill as well as some scenic views. If you want to delve into clean and intact forests, go to the nearby Dzukija National Park.

Hill of Crosses in Šiauliai

The history of that site dates back to the time of Samogitia's baptism, which was commemorated with a chapel and a cross in 1430. Four hundred years ago, after the fall of the November Uprising, the locals started bringing some more crosses to the site to commemorate the fallen insurgents and… they do it to this day, although for different reasons. There are tens of thousands of crosses there - often attached to other crosses, so the site will surely make a strong impression on you, regardless of to religious affiliations. In a way, it is one of Lithuania's largest historic monuments, and one of the country's most important national symbols.

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