Unknown Lithuania – a subjective list of little known attractions

Lake in Kownie

When you have seen Vilnius and other popular places in Lithuania, it is time to explore deeper and discover some other charming corners of the country. Although small, Lithuania quite a number of gems to offer.

Settlements in Kernavė - traces of old Lithuania

Start from something inconspicuous, but so precious that it was entered in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Although it is a place of great importance to Lithuanians, it is relatively little known. The complex of five settlements in Kernavė is a trace of old communities that used to inhabit the land at the Vilnia River as early as in the 9th century. What is more, according to forst information dating back to the 13th century, Kernavė was the first capital of Lithuania! If you come here on 6 July, you will have an opportunity to take part in the Days of Live Archaeology, an event that attracts lots of visitors.

Kovno - undiscovered charm of a big city






Although Kovno is Lithuania's second largest city, it is surely not among the most popular destinations in the country. So, if you are interested in Lithuanian culture and history, you can't afford to give it a miss. In return for a moment of attention, the city offers visitors a nice old town, ruins of a castle and great many temples of different religions, from catholic and Orthodox, to Jewish and Muslim ones. Among them is a very valuable Camaldolese monastery in the district of Pažaislis. Founded in 1660 by Krzysztof Pac, the Great Crown Chancellor and Marshall of the Supreme Tribunal of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, it will amaze you with its lavish Italian Baroque style, a relatively rare sight in Eastern Europe. Discover the city's attractions!

Tyszkiewicz Palace in Kretinga - discreet charm of residence

When in Lithuania, you will often come across the legacy of the Tyszkiewicz family. Among the most beautiful examples of their presence is the palace in Kretinga near the resort city of Palanga. Built in the second half of the 19th century, today it is considered an example of a traditional borderland residence. You must visit the museum and orangery arranged in the palace, and have a walk in the landscape park.

Heritage park in Rumšiškės - see what life used to be in Lithuania

It is a shame that the heritage park in Rumšiškės also ranks among Lithuania's little known places. One of Europe's largest museums of this type, it occupies a vast area, so get ready for long walks between its individual attractions. And there are plenty of attractions there, as the park meticulously recreated the world of of old Lithuanian villages and small towns. A number of houses are open and exhibit various items that show what life used to look like in the past. In addition, there is an old shop, a school, a church and an inn. Everything is surrounded by lush greenery, as you would expect in Lithuania. Beyond any doubt, nature and scenic views make up an additional asset of the place.

Curonian Spit - far from civilisation

Feel like having a rest from sightseeing? Fancy something else than Lithuanian historic monuments? If yes, go to the Curonian Spit (Kuršių nerija)! In that narrow strip of land between the Baltic Sea and Curonian Lagoon, you will find everything you might need to recuperate, enjoy nature and have a bit of fun. There are sandy beaches and dunes (one of Europe's highest!), walking and cycling routes, charming villages and a tourist centre Nida.

Curonian Spit in Lithuania

Aukštaitija National Park - nature at your fingertips

If you still have some appetite for nature, then Lithuania comes to the rescue and invites you to a national park near the border with Belarus. The park's greatest assets include forests, tens of lakes and swift streams, as well as plenty of historic wooden architecture.

Visaginas - not only for fans of the TV series

Do you know the "Chernobyl" TV series? If you are a fan of the HBO series, then you must visit the town of Visaginas, where some scenes were shot. Built in 1975 as a bedroom estate for the personnel of the Ignalino Nuclear Power Plant, it has interesting history and even more interesting architecture and urban layout. It is not a surprise then that it is has been gaining on popularity in the last few years.

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