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update: April 25, 2023

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Holidays in Egypt - 7 things you must experience in the land of the pharaohs!

Holidays in Egypt are more than all-inclusive and lying on the beach with a colourful drink in your hand. It's a time when you can experience extraordinary adventures and discover places you won't find anywhere else. Monumental pyramids, vast deserts, oriental scents and landscapes that will take your breath away... Give your trip a whole new dimension and discover the 7 things you must experience when holidaying in Egypt!

7 holiday ideas in Egypt

1. Shopping in the oldest bazaar in the world, the first idea for a holiday in Egypt

Holidays in Egypt, time to start! During your holiday trip to the land of the pharaohs, you can't miss the country's capital, Cairo. This is Africa's largest city and... the best place for a shopping frenzy in the historic part of the city, known as Old Cairo. In the heart of the district you'll also find Khan El-Khalili, the oldest bazaar in the world, where you can not only buy unique souvenirs of your travels, but also taste the local cuisine or drink the famous Arabic coffee. Don't forget to check out Cairo's oldest café, El Fishawa, where local writers and Napoleonic army commanders once met!

Khan El-Khalili bazaar in Cairo, vacations in Egypt

2. Egypt's marine attractions - a scuba diving holiday

Did you know that Egypt is the best diving destination in the world? This is thanks to the Red Sea! Its clear water, extraordinary fauna and flora and the most beautiful coral reefs make the biblical body of water a real paradise on Earth! Professional and well-equipped diving bases can be found in popular holiday resorts, e.g. in Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh. During holidays in Egypt, take a moment to admire the colourful underwater life and keep your eyes peeled! You are sure to come across numerous shipwrecks, underwater caves and extraordinary sculptures, created by Mother Nature herself.


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Snorkeling in the Red Sea, vacationing in Cairo

3. Berber Egypt - holiday in the Siwa Oasis

50 kilometres from the Libyan border you will find a green island full of mineral springs, salt lakes and endless olive groves. We are talking about the Siwa Oasis - home of the North African Berber tribe, known for their kindness and hospitality towards visitors from distant lands. Visit one of their traditional homes and partake in a Berber feast, full of long stories and traditional chants about times gone by. Experience true authenticity in today's commercialised world on a magical holiday in Egypt!


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Young Caucasian woman swimming in salt lake in Siwa oasis, vacation in Egypt

4. The Nile cruise - the perfect relaxation during a holiday in Egypt

Quick, simple and spectacular - that's what exploring Egypt from the deck of a ship is like! So take a cruise on the Nile and see the highlights of the ancient world of the pharaohs. And all without having to stand in long queues! The most popular cruise route goes from Luxor to the port of Assuan. Along the way, you'll pass extraordinary sites such as Esna, Edfu and Kom Ombo. And the pleasures don't end there! As you sail, spectacular scenery awaits you - if you sail in a traditional wooden boat (felucca), your journey will gain some romance and an aura of mystery. Would you agree that a holiday in Egypt spent in this way is sheer pleasure?

Panorama of the Nile with traditional wooden felucca boats, vacation in Egypt
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5. Egyptian holiday idea - a visit to the Mummification Museum

Luxor is the former capital of ancient Egypt and is often referred to as the world's largest open-air museum. The innumerable palaces, temples and monuments present there make quite an impression on visitors. The real treasure, however, is hidden in... the museum, and more specifically in the Mummification Museum! There you will learn about the embalming technique and what the funeral rites of the ancient Egyptian people were like. Among the museum's many artefacts, you'll find elaborate coffins, statues of deities, mummified animal remains, and specialised tools to prepare the body of the deceased for its final journey. Would you agree that there's nothing like a practical history lesson?




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6. Active holiday in Egypt - climb Mount Sinai

If you love active leisure and can't imagine lying on the beach all the time - hiking up Egypt's mountain slopes is the perfect activity for you! Start your trip at Mount Sinai, one of the most important sites for Christian culture. It was here, according to the Old Testament, that God handed Moses the tablet with the Ten Commandments. Set off early in the morning to reach St Catherine's Monastery before the crowds of tourists - after all, it is the oldest and longest-lived monastery in the world! The entire route is about 6 kilometres long and runs among wonderful flora and fauna, and once you reach the top, breathtaking views of the rocky landscape and desert valleys await you. As you can see - an early wake-up call during a holiday in Egypt sometimes pays off!

Sunrise over Mount Sinai, vacation in Egypt

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7. Traditional dancing - an Egyptian holiday in a nutshell

What would a holiday in Egypt be without experiencing the country's traditional festivities? A visit to a Berber settlement is one thing, but a taste of the local folklore is something you simply must savour! Whether you're spending your time in a luxury resort or in the middle of an endless desert, taking in a dance show is a must on your list of Egyptian attractions! The Tanoura Dance Show is a truly energetic performance, bursting with fairytale colours and extraordinary visual effects. It is spectacular, enchanting - simply magical! You will certainly be sorry when the evening is over... However, what are further trips for?

Egyptian Tanoura Dance Show in Cairo, vacation in Egypt
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As you can see, we have no shortage of holiday ideas in Egypt! Here, every day is different - beautiful nature, majestic mountains, atmospheric backstreets and mystical stories straight out of an Indiana Jones film. So book your flights to Egypt and spend your dream holiday in the shadow of the pyramids!

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