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Katowice market in the evening

Katowice was for a long time associated with industry, polluted air and coal mines. The largest city of the Silesian Province has changed a lot since then. Many modern office buildings, fashionable restaurants, pubs and boulevards have been built, the Main Railway Station has been converted and the Silesia Park has been thoroughly modernised. As a result, the Silesian capital offers a lot of nice, charming top locations where you can find some good sights for your portfolio. See where you can take nice photos in Katowice.

See where you can take the best photos for your Instagram!

#Silesia Park

The Silesia Park is a perfect location for fans of nature, sport, culture, science and entertainment. There, you will find the Silesian Stadium, where many sport and musical events take place, as well as a planatarium and a zoo.

However, the most Instagram sites in the Silesia Park include, according to many, Legendia - Poland's oldest amusement park (an attraction for the whole family) and scenic ponds which you can cruise in a rented boat or kayak. Legendia is situated in beautiful green surroundings at a fabulous lake, and its numerous towers, water attractions and roller coasters will make you feel like you are in a magic village straight from a fairy tale. You should also know that the park has a cableway called Elka. Connecting the Silesian Stadium with Legendia, it guarantees great opportunities to immortalise memorable views from above, and post them on Instagram.

#Katowice Spodek Centre and Silesian Insurgent Monument

Among places which you must see in Katowice, naturally, the iconic Spodek centre and the Silesian Insurgents Monument, which are located in a short distance from each other. The Spodek is a characteristic landmark in the city centre, as it resembles a flying saucer (hence the Polish name). It looks fabulous, especially at night, when it is illuminated in blue - an ideal background for your Instagram photo. A symbol of important historic events, the Silesian Insurgents Monument has also unique architecture. Raised in the form of three eagle's wings (to commemorate the tree Silesian uprisings), it is popularly called "the Wings”.

Spodek in Katowicach





#27th Floor Bar and Restaurant

This place ranks highest in our list of the most Instagram sites in Katowice. Located on the 27th floor the Courtyard Hotel by Marriott in the very centre of Katowice, it has a restaurant and cocktail bar called 27th Floor with a spectacular panorama view of the Silesian urban agglomeration. In addition to admiring the stunning views, you can have a good meal there. Although it is not cheap, we must admit that their beef sirloin steak is excellent. The atmospheric mood and the beautiful illumination of the city at night may have some impact on the taste of the dishes served.

#Mariacka Street

Important and most Instagram sites in Katowice include Mariacka, a street that has recently become fashionable and attracts tourists from across Poland with its charming atmosphere. It has a promenade which connects the historic St. Mary's Church with Dworcowa Street. Mariacka Street is lined by atmospheric bars, pubs and restaurants offering various cuisines from around the world, e.g. Italian, Indian, Thai and vegan. A very popular site among young people, the street is vibrant with life. You might want to record your presence there with an Instagram photo.

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