Holidays in Slovenia – the most interesting activities

Canoeing on rivers in beautiful natural settings

While spending your holidays in Slovenia you can of course thoroughly explore the country. You can complement your stay by adding various forms of activity. Mountaineering? Cycling? Kayaking? Try everything!

Go to the mountains!

Slovenia is a country of mountains. In many places you will be accompanied by a view of the mighty and majestic Julian Alps. Are you fit and not afraid of challenges? Climb Triglav! The highest peak in Slovenia, it is also the symbol of the country seen in, among others" its coat of arms and flag. It is not going to be easy – depending on the route, the climb will take between 7 and 10 hours. However, your effort will be rewarded stunning views. You will spend the night in a mountain lodge, and the morning – tired but contented and satisfied – you will climb down absorbing yet another portion of scenic landscapes. This makes the trek one of the most obvious ideas for things to do in Slovenia! You are not that strong, or don't like mountain hikes? Enter the mountains by railway! In the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Slovenia's second largest mountain range, there is the Velika Planina massif. On getting off the railway car, you will see a plateau with grazing cows and a picturesque settlement consisting of wooden shepherd huts. You can see the interior of one of them and learn what the local life was like in the past, stay for the night in another, and buy the local cheese and various products in yet another.

Chairlift with skiers in the mountains





When in winter, go skiing!

The Vielka Planina has a small but well organised skiing station, so will have an opportunity to do some downhill skiing there. Besides, there are also some 10 cross-country skiing routes in the area. Slovenia is becoming increasingly popular destination among fans of skiing. The infrastructure there is really well prepared, with the largest and best skiing centre operating in Kranjska Gora atthe foot of the Julian Alps and Karawanks. The city is also a good base point for mountain hikes. You can go to the mighty Špik or Slovenia's second highest peak – Škrlatica. And if you are interested in ski jumping, you must visit Planica with its still operating ski jumping hill Letalnica, where A. Małysz and K. Stoch celebrated their triumphs.

Skier in the mountains getting ready to go downhill

Have some wild fun in Bovec

Bovec relies almost entirely on tourism. It offers a whide range of attractions, from mountain hikes and mountaineering, to cycling, rafting in Soča and its tributaries, to winter sports in Kanin, the country's highest lying ski station. Lovers of more extreme fun can do canyoning with a descent through a waterfall in Sušec, or some kayaking. Of other activities, paragliding is gaining on popularity. This can be an ideal destination for both summer and winter holidays in Slovenia.

Have some wine!

What can you do in Slovenia when you have got a feeling that you have tried everything? Try some local wine! Ideally, in a beautiful place where tasting will give you a sophisticated experience. To the north of the town of Slovenske Konjice there are Slovenia's largest vineyards Zlati Grič. Regular rows of grapevine grow on the chaotically undulating ground, which gives a unique visual effect. Standing among the vineyards there is a Renaissance building which was the administrator's home and today serves as a hotel. You must visit the local restaurant to try excellent local dishes served in completely inconspicuous and modern versions.

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