Slovenia – 10 little known places which are worth to visit

Triglav national park in Slovenia

Less popular mountain summits, less popular towns, less popular castles, less popular caves... Apart from the classics, you should discover also some little known places in Slovenia. They are full of charm and will give lots of pleasant experiences.

Run to the top!

The Julian Alps are famous for Triglav, while the Kamnik-Savinja Alps for Grintovc, a mighty summit which rises to 2,558 m a.s.l. Climbing the huge elevation will take a mighty effort, but the prize is well worth it. The views are simply stunning! If Your legs are made of steel, you can take part the run to the top competition. The current record holder got to the top in 1 hour and 15 minutes in 2006. Will you accept the challenge?

Underground world

You surely know the Škocjan and Postojna caves Slovenia's greatest tourist attractions. But did you know that there many more caves round there? For instance, at the Pivka River, you can visit Pivka and Black caves. The former makes a particular impression with an underground stream, and both have fabulous stalactites and stalagmites. Don't forget about Križna Jama, where a section of the route is traversed in rubber dinghies or boats.

St. Kancijan Church in Škocjan, Slovenia

A vanishing lake

Now it is time to discover the Cerknica Lake, a unique natural phenomenon which exists only in some seasons of the year. The lake is supplied with water from numerous karst springs and exsurgents on the edges of the valley. Normally, the water disappears in sinks, but between autumn and spring, particularly during snow melts, they are unable to hold its excess, which gives rise to a reservoir up to 10 km long and 5 km wide.

Rocky bridges

Nearby, there is a scenic ravine Rakov Škocjan, a perfect place for a leisurely walk. In that place, nature has created a karst valley, where you can see various karst formations: sinks, exsurgents and huge cavities. The natural rocky bridges make a big impression. Near Bled, you can also have a walk in the beautiful Vintgar gorge, which was created by the last glaciation. Its walls rise up to 50-100 metres, and during your trek you will see some waterfalls, including the fabulous Šum.

A castle on water

A little known place in Slovenia, Otočec offers you one of the country's fine castles. Situated in the oblong island of Krka, it can be accessed on one of two bridges. Although you can hardly notice it today, the island was created artificially by digging a ditch at its southern side.

A bird's eye view of Otocec Castle in Slovenia





The last Carthusians of Slovenia

You can meet monks who live by their own harsh rules if you go to Pleterje, where there is a very valuable monastery – the last Carthusian abbey in Slovenia and one of the last in Europe. Apart from being a valuable historic monument, the site amazes visitors with its big scale.

Three churches

When you visit Rosalnice, a village situated far away from the big world, you can see Tri Fare, a unique pilgrimage centre consisting of three Gothic churches that stand close to each other in the vicinity of a cemetery. Their history dates back to the 12th century, and although they have been converted on numerous occasions, they have kept many of their original features.

Tito's limousines

Would you like to find out about the collection of elegant cars amassed by Tito? Or about old methods of farming? If yes, you must visit the Slovenian Museum of Technology, which was arranged in a former Carthusian monastery near Ljubljana. You are not going to be disappointed!

Among grapevines

Set among picturesque hillocks covered with vine, there is a late Renaissance palace Zemono with an arcade gallery modelled on Italian residences. Pop into the restaurant and winery located there to try the best flavours of the neighbourhood. While there, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the valley and its gentle slopes.


Slovenia's attractions that feature in the UNESCO World Heritage List include… a mine. A mercury mine in a pleasant town of Idrija, to be precise. Although situated off main tourist routes, it is worth a visit because it is a true rarity, plus an opportunity to see a drop of mercury in a natural setting does not happen very often. After seeing the underground corridors, you can visit the local saltworks castle which today houses a regional museum.

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