Serbia – attractions which you must see and visit

Panorama of Belgrade with the Sava River on a sunny day

Serbian attractions are relatively little known in Poland, and so the country is not a popular tourist destination. Pity, because its interesting historic monuments, beautiful views, characteristic music, delicious flavours and friendly locals make up a unique mixture that you should not hesitate to discover!

Vojvodina – different Serbia

You will surely start your Serbian holidays in Vojvodina. That region can have several surprises in store! It is certainly very different from a stereotypical picture of the Balkans. Thanks to its long and strong ties with Hungary, everything is more ordered and calmer there. You could think that the peace has also some impact on the landscape – Vojvodina is as flat as a table! And full of idyllic fields of rape, cereals, potatoes as far as your eyes can see… The only exception can be found in Fruška Gora with its unique complex of Orthodox monasteries. You must definitely immerse in that peaceful and spiritual world! Lateron, visit Novi Sad, the pretty and vibrant capital of the region, where you can have good fun. Don't forget about the beautiful fortress of Petrovaradin, which in fact is a city within a city. You can also drop in Subotica, which is famous for splendid Art Nouveau architecture, atmospheric and historic Karlovci, and the town of Vršac, which is surrounded by vast fields of grapevine. Try the local wine – you will surely be delighted.

National theater in the city of Subotica on a sunny day

Discover the city that never sleeps

Whether it's the middle of winter or summer, day or night – Belgrade is always vibrant with life and never sleeps. The capital of Serbia, and former Yugoslavia, is the only big metropolis in the Balkans. Feel its unique rhythm. Although everybody is in a rush there, they will always find time for a cup of coffee. Visit the city's amazing fortress of Kalemegdan, the 19th century city centre, the Orthodox Churches of St. Mark and St. Alexander. Take a tour of interesting museums and try the local cuisine in the city's excellent bars, admire scenic views of Sava flowing into the Danube, visit the late modernistic New Belgrade and the atmospheric district of Zemun.


Famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica created films, but he also built his town! It is Drvegrad, which served as the set for the masterpiece of Europe's cinema "Life is a Miracle". To this end, he brought in typical architecture of western Serbia and created a unique microcosm which today is popular among tourists and cultural community. When you get there, take a ride in the narrow-gauge heritage railway called Šargan Eight- the name fully reflects what it must overcome on its way. These are definitely the two most original attractions in Serbia.





Peaceful village life...

If you like folk culture, then you must visit Sirogojno, a large and interestingly arranged heritage park in which you can discover the former lifestyle of Zlatibor population. You should visit Zlatibor itself as well! Zlatibor is a scenic mountain range with lots of mountain pastures, just like the Polish Bieszczady. Popular among tourists, it has pretty good infrastructure, and you can even ski there. You can expect similar views and opportunities in the nearby Kopaonik National Park.

A distinctive house of folk architecture in the open-air museum in Sirogojna

Holidays in the wild

The Tara National Park is a perfect place for holidays in Serbia for wildlife lovers. You will want to spend long hours on the viewing point at the Lake Perućac alone! There are also many other attractions – you can sail, do rafting, ride a bicycle or just walk. Maybe you will reach the waterfalls on the River Vrelo? And if you still have appetite for more Serbian rivers, consider visiting the Uvac River canyon. It is beautiful, steep, majestic and truly impressive. You are going to love the view from the top! And finally the cherry on the cake - the Danube River Gorge, locally known as the Iron Gate. It is around 150 metres wide in its narrowest place, and the rocks rise up to 90 metres.

Key to the Serbian soul

There are several sites which are not only interesting, but also tremendously important to Serbia's culture and identity. Discover them if you want to know the Serbian soul! You must definitely visit the fortresses in Smederevo and Golubac, where the nation put up resistance against Turks; Medieval Orthodox churches like Ravanica and Manasija which became cultural and spiritual centres under the Turkish occupation. You should also remember to see the Valley of the Kings. Packed with Orthodox churches, it is the cradle of the Serbian national identity and Serbia in a nutshell!

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Tara National Park in Serbia - view of the hills and river on a sunny day





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