How much cash can You travel with?

Are you planning to transport cash and wondering from what amount you should declare this fact to the relevant services? Not sure how much cash can be transported by plane? Below you will find some general information on the carriage of cash during air travel.

Keep in mind that the cash carriage limits shown here are not unique to air transportation and apply to all forms of border crossing. You can find up-to-date information on limits for carrying cash on official government websites.

How much cash can you transport during air travel

How much money can be transported by air depends primarily on which countries you are traveling between:

What is considered liquid funds subject to the aforementioned limits?

The means of payment that are subject for declaration when transporting across state borders include:

  • cash in Polish or foreign currency
  • banknotes, coins withdrawn from circulation of a certain value
  • securities
  • cheques
  • bills of exchange
  • precious metals, e.g. gold or silver coins, bars

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