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Where to fly in October? 5 ideas for your dream holiday!

Autumn weather does not have to be gloomy and monotonous. Take a break and enjoy the moment in some of the world's most beautiful destinations. Magical sights, great food and intriguing culture await you. Sunny Bucharest, magical Warsaw or perhaps distant Seoul?  Find your dream holiday destination in October today!

Where to fly on holiday in October?

1. Holidays in October in Warsaw

A city with the highest skyscraper in the European Union, focused on development and modernity, with a unique culture and climate. The ideal place for autumn vacation - Warsaw! Choose the capital of Poland and spend here a unique holidays in October!





Start your adventure in the heart of Poland with a tour of the picturesque Old Town, where you'll sample delicious Polish cuisine. Then head to the Royal Castle, from where you'll take a stroll along Krakowskie Przedmieście. For a panoramic view of the city, use the observation deck on the bell tower of St. Anne's Church or head to the University Library Garden.

Holidays in October, it's also a great time to explore the capital's moving history and culture. Be sure to visit the National Museum, the Zachęta National Gallery of Art and the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Also head to the Copernicus Science Center and see the interactive exhibitions and science exhibits.


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Autumn vacation is a great time to relax in the parks and gardens of the capital! The pleasant aura, and the unique colors of nature, are sure to add charm to your vacation in October. Head to the Łazienki Królewskie Park, which are a great place for a stroll among romantic alleys and gardens. Be sure to visit the Saxon Garden as well, and see for yourself the soldier's changing of the guard at the Monument to the Unknown Soldier. Also head to the banks of the Vistula River to one of the waterfront pubs and take a photo under the symbol of the capital - the Monument to the Warsaw Mermaid.

If you are wondering where to vacation in October, Warsaw is definitely a great choice! The autumn period is a great time for exploration of the capital and active recreation. The charm of the city, fewer tourists and inspiring places make the Polish capital the perfect idea for an October vacation!

Panoramic view of Warsaw in autumn at sunset, holiday in October

2. Autumn holidays in Seoul

Wondering where to go in October? Plan your vacation in South Korea's capital and have an unforgettable adventure in Seoul. The city impresses with its modern buildings, skyscrapers and at the same time hides a host of historic gems listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Head to Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is undoubtedly the most beautiful attraction in the city. Built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung is the largest of all five palaces built during the Joseon Dynasty. See for yourself how majestic it looks in person!





Feel the oriental atmosphere in the village of Bukchon, where traditional Korean houses, so-called hanoki, are located. Did you know that they have retained their original appearance until today? Also head to Jongo-gu Park and admire the magnificent Changdeokgung Palace, whose complex includes as many as thirteen buildings, and some of the many attractions that await here include the national treasury, the Geumcheongyo Bridge and the representative throne room. Admire Seoul's breathtaking skyline from the N Seoul Tower, located on a hilltop. Spectacular views of the city guaranteed!

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Fancy a night full of excitement? Feel the vibrant atmosphere of the city in Myeongdong district. It is here that the city's nightlife is mainly active. Here you will find exclusive stores, drugstores and modern shopping centers. When deciding on a vacation in Seoul, you can't forget to visit... the library! The largest one is located in the Starfield Coex Mall and over fifty thousand books are available there. Plan your unforgettable vacation in October in the Korean capital and set off to conquer Asia!

Korean building in the forest, where to fly in October?

3. October holiday in Bucharest

Unique culture, beautiful parks and charming Parisian-style architecture - welcome to Bucharest! Romania's capital is an ideal destination for a vacation in October. While here, be sure to go to the heart of the capital - the Old Town. Here you will find charming streets, colorful buildings and local stores and restaurants.





When spending your October vacation in Romania's capital, you can't miss an impressive piece of architecture - the Palace of Parliament. This place is one of the largest administrative buildings in the world and you can visit it inside, admiring the decor and spacious interiors. Vacation in October in Bucharest - what else is worth visiting? The Romanian Athenaeum! This unique concert hall, is one of Romania's most important and prestigious cultural venues.


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To relax among nature, head to the atmospheric Herastrau Park. Relax by the shores of the lake or stroll along the charming alleys, enjoying the autumn aura. Want to discover local art and culture, take a walking tour of museums and galleries. During it, you'll visit the beautiful George Enescu National Museum or the National Museum of Romanian History. After an intensive sightseeing tour, head to one of Bucharest's restaurants and sample the unique Romanian cuisine. Order traditional tripe in butter and milk or pork sausages, and for dessert, enjoy delicious papanasi doughnuts.

River Dambovita in Bucharest, Romania with the city skyline and colorful trees in foliage, where to holiday in October?

4. On holiday in October to Baku

Planning a vacation and wondering where to go in October? Looking for a non-obvious vacation spot? Head to intriguing Baku, a metropolis with many names!

Optimal weather in October, with pleasant temperatures around twenty degrees Celsius, will provide you with downright ideal conditions for exploring Azerbaijan's capital! See the city's symbol and undoubtedly its landmark - the Flame Towers. These modern, undulating buildings, proudly towering over the city, are very impressive both during the day and at night.





Baku is also a veritable treasure mine, where you'll find numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites, much of which you'll discover in İçəri Şəhər, or the charming Old City. Also see the Maiden's Tower, which resembles... a carpet in appearance, and from its top you will see an amazing panorama of Baku. Discover a gem of Azerbaijani architecture and an impressive monument of Islamic art - the Shahrvan Palace Complex.


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Did you know that Azerbaijan is famous for its carpets? You will see their magnificent collection at the Azerbaijan Carpet Museum! Plan your dream vacation in October in Baku and discover the uniqueness of this unique city!

carpets at a market in Baku, where to fly in October?

5. Where to relax in October? In Astana!

Fabulous architecture, unique climate and delicious Kazakh cuisine - spend your holiday in October in Astana! While you're here, you'll see unique architecture - a combination of modern skyscrapers and historic buildings from the last century. Be sure to visit the impressive Peace and Reconciliation Palace - a glass pyramid housing, among other things, the Kazakhstan Opera Theatre.





If you want to admire the capital's skyline from a height, be sure to head to the monumental Bäjterek observation tower. Holidays in October are also a great time to walk past the majestic Ak Ord Presidential Palace. On its opposite side, visit Khan Shatir - the largest tent in the world, which is the entertainment and shopping centre of the capital's residents. Inside you will shop, buy souvenirs and sample local Kazakh cuisine. Also enjoy the traditional dish beshbarmak - meat served on slices of noodles, local shashliks, kebabs and pilaf - rice with mutton and vegetables. For dessert, order baursak - a delicious doughnut, usually served with butter and jam. 


Tours of intriguing Astana

Discover the beauty of Astana and its exciting architecture!

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After satisfying your palate, head to the Astana Opera and Ballet Theatre, which is one of the capital's main attractions and.... the largest theatre in Central Asia! Go to one of the plays on show and experience the culture of Kazakhstan from the inside. Plan your holiday in October and find your flight to Astana!

A view of Astana's skyscrapers, where to fly in October?

Plan your autumn holiday just the way you like it! Take advantage of the best offers and find a date convenient for you. Holidays in October are waiting for you!

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Already know where to relax in October? Get inspired for the months ahead!

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