Can I take powerbank on the plane?

Powerbank w samolocie - jak przewozić?

Yes, you can take powerbank on board. You can have two powerbanks in one bag, packed separately and with the maximum capacity up to 40 thousand mAH (160 Wh) each. If the capacity of the powerbank exceeds 100Wh, its carriage must be reported- contact us.
Remember that, according to the recommendations of the European Aviation Safety Agency, it is not allowed to use a powerbank on the plane.

For more information on powerbanks in aircraft and other electronic devices (opens in a new tab), please visit the official EASA website.

Powerbank - hand baggage or checked-in baggage? 

You can only carry such electronics in your hand baggage.  For more information according carrying powerbanks check out our website about hazardous materials.


You can also use the Civil Aviation Authority's search engine to find out how to carry a powerbank on a plane.