Prohibited items and hazardous materials

Hazardous materials are objects or substances that can pose a threat to the aircraft or to people on board. Before packing your luggage, be sure to read our dangerous goods policy.

If the product you wish to transport has one of the following markings on it, it may be dangerous goods.
Check in the table below in which luggage you can carry the product or contact the Contact Centre.

Hazardous materials cannot be brought on board in the checked or hand luggage except in cases listed below. You can bring dangerous goods permitted in hand luggage on board unless otherwise specified.


Permitted in hand luggage

Green suitcase - allowed in checked baggage

Permitted in checked luggage

Green suitcase - allowed in checked baggage

Only allowed on a person

Green man - only allowed with him

Prohibited in hand luggage

Red hand luggage - goods prohibited in hand luggage

Prohibited in checked luggage

Red suitcase - prohibited in checked baggage


White X on a red background - prohibited

Do not attach any additional items to the checked baggage that may become detached during transport. The carrier shall not be liable for their loss.

ATTENTION! The carrier can refuse to accept the checked luggage if it is not packaged in such a way as to guarantee safe carriage with ordinary diligent handling. PLL LOT recommends an accurate labelling of baggage with a tag/address label. The carrier shall not be responsible for any breakable and perishable items transported in the luggage as well as for the money, jewellery and other valuable objects, documents, trade samples, etc. The transport of such items shall be at the sole risk and responsibility of the passenger.

Hazardous material transport regulations are also available at the website of the Civil Aviation Authority and the website of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).