Where to fly in February for holidays?

View of the canal and townhouses in Amsterdam during sunset

February is a month that most of us primarily associate with winter holidays. When the days are still short and the weather outside the window can be capricious, it is worth planning an unforgettable trip! Discover the best holidays destinations in February and plan your dream holidays!

Where to fly for holidays in February?

Don't like sightseeing in large crowds of people? In February, head to Tallinn, one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe! When planning your holidays, take into account that, like here, it gets dark quickly in the Estonian capital. Arrange your day so that you have time to see all the major attractions before sunset! Spend your winter evenings taking leisurely strolls around the city or dining in local pubs. Visit one of the many medieval inns and try traditional moose soup, straight from a clay bowl, and in the evening, dress warmly and enjoy atmospheric Tallinn at night! Beautifully lit townhouses await you, especially those in the touristy part of town, as well as the narrow streets of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town. Planning to spend some more time in Tallinn? Be sure to visit City Hall Square, the historic city walls with Fat Margaret Tower and St. Nicholas Church. 

Tallinn, Estonia old city view from Toompea Hill at sunrise

Winter holidays in Warsaw

 Not sure where to fly in February? Plan your holidays in Warsaw and find out how beautiful the Polish capital is! See the city's iconic and most recognizable building - the Palace of Culture and Science - and enjoy the city's panorama from the 30th floor observation deck! Relax on a stroll through the Royal Lazienki Park. This unique park in the heart of the city will work great for a relaxing day in nature! Visit the National Museum and the Museum of the Polish Army, where you'll learn even more about the country's history! The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town, full of charming houses and narrow streets will be perfect if you want to try Polish cuisine in one of the many charming pubs! Warsaw is a city of contrasts! Modern office buildings meet old tenements and buildings. While in Warsaw, don't forget to visit the most Instagrammable places in Warsaw! This city is full of photographic gems! Plan your vacation in February and discover the beauty of the Polish capital!

Grzybowski square in Warsaw

Winter holidays in Vilnius

Wondering where to fly in February? Take a trip to Lithuania's capital, Vilnius. With a direct flights from London-City Airport, you'll be transported to this charming city in no time! Start your sightseeing at the Gates of Dawn, which is a great start to a walk through the Old Town. This neo-Gothic city gate is a remnant of the former city fortifications, but it is the image of Our Lady of the Dawn Gate located in the small chapel that attracts many tourists. See Vilnius University, founded by Stefan Batory, is one of the oldest universities in Central and Eastern Europe. Among its famous students are Adam Mickiewicz, Juliusz Słowacki, and Czesław Miłosz. Visit the heart of the city, i.e. Cathedral Square, which houses the Archcathedral Basilica of St. Stanislaus the Bishop and St. Ladislaus with its bell tower. Admire the panorama of the city from Gediminas Hill. From here you will spot both the old town and the modern part of Vilnius. Taste the local cuisine in the charming Old Town and have a fun-filled time at the Museum of Illusions! Plan your February vacation in Vilnius!

cerkiew św. Trójcy i klasztor bazylianów w Wilnie

Winter holidays in Istanbul

Stunning monuments, witnessing ancient power and the history, exoticism of architecture, oriental tastes and smells, bustle and constant movement, small glasses of tea served literally everywhere. And on top of that, at every step you can buy.... a carpet! This is Istanbul! Plan your February holidays in Turkiye and discover the magic of this city! See the Hague Sofia - the most recognizable building not only in the country, but also in the world! Be enchanted by the interiors of the Blue Mosque. Having six minarets, it owes its name to thousands of blue tiles! Stock up on Orien spices, local specialties and countless assorted souvenirs at the Grand Bazaar! Try Turkish-style coffee! This thick, strong brew is the country's national specialty. Admire the Bosphorus Strait that separates Europe and Asia! Don't hesitate and spend your dream holidays in February in Turkey!

Haga Sophia in Istanbul

Warm holidays in Tel Aviv

Not sure where to fly in February for a warm holidays? Want to experience an exotic adventure in the middle of winter? Take a trip to Israel and discover the modern coastal city of Tel Aviv. Feel its energy and relax on one of the beautiful beaches stretching along the entire coastline. Take a dip in the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea during the day, and in the evening enjoy a romantic sunset in the quieter part of the city - at Jaffa Beach. More than lying on the beach, are you interested in exploring the sights? Take a long walk through the old part of Tel Aviv - Jaffa. See the historic Jaffa Port, the free-standing clock tower and the famous Al-Bahr Mosque - all surrounded by stunning Arab architecture! Looking for plans for the evening? Tel Aviv is a city that never sleeps. Take advantage of its wide range of entertainment options and get carried away by the city's nightlife!

Beach and panoramic view of Tel Aviv

Winter holidays in oriental Mumbai

There is a place in the world that combines breathtaking sights, delicious cuisine and an atmosphere straight out of the best big-budget movies. Where to look for it? In the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra! Mumbai (former Mumbai) is one of the most popular and most populous cities in South Asia. Colorful, full of contrasts and spectacular views, it will delight anyone who wants to experience a great adventure away from the commercial routes. See the Gateway of India, or the great triumphal arch. a walk in the footsteps of the Victorian era would be incomplete without a visit to ... the railroad station. King Shivaji Station is an original blend of British neo-Gothic and local Indian architecture. Mumbai's sights also include remarkable temples of various faiths. From Roman Catholic churches to mosques to Buddhist monasteries. Plan your February holidays in India and experience a true oriental adventure!

View over Victoria terminus or Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus (CST) and central Mumbai at dusk Mumbai India

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Where to fly in February for holidays?