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Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, located on the Ishim River, is renowned for its modern culture, captivating beauty, and a wide range of interesting, sometimes extravagant buildings. It is the largest city in the region, filled with numerous museums, castles, palaces, and art centers that will amaze you during your visit to Kazakhstan.

When planning a trip to Astana, be sure to include places such as the Bayterek Tower, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, the Palace of Independence, the Nur-Astana Mosque, the Duman Entertainment Center, and the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center on your visit list. And that's just the beginning - flights to Astana will help you discover much more!

Board a plane to Astana and savor the richness of local Kazakh cuisine. Discover traditional dishes such as beshbarmak, served with steamed meat and homemade noodles, or kumis, a refreshing fermented milk drink.

Book a flight to Astana and embark on a journey to the pearl of Central Asia!

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