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Whether you're embarking on a business trip or seeking a cultural getaway, flights to Bulgaria pave the way for an exploration filled with diversity, from the serene Black Sea shores to the majestic Balkan Mountains. Bulgaria, a land of contrasts, offers something for every traveler. From the cosmopolitan buzz of Sofia to the ancient streets of Plovdiv and the seaside relaxation in Burgas and Varna, flights to Bulgaria are your ticket to an unique adventure.

Your flight to Bulgaria is the first step towards discovering Byzantine churches, Thracian tombs, and medieval fortresses that dot the landscape. The country's scenic beauty, from its rugged mountains to its tranquil beaches, complements its historical richness perfectly. Choose Bulgaria – its wide and sandy beaches, attractive seaside resorts and beautiful ancient Roman monuments guarantee a successful holiday in the sun. 

Embrace the opportunity to experience Bulgaria's festive spirit, savor its culinary delights, exquisite local wine,and immerse yourself in its welcoming culture without stretching your finances. Book your Bulgarian adventure today! Experience the warmth of Bulgarian hospitality, the beauty of its untouched nature, and the depth of its history with every flight to Bulgaria.

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Why choose LOT when traveling from Bulgaria?

  • Travel comfortably to Bulgaria. A carry-on baggage weighing 8 kg free of charge with every ticket type.
  • Unlock a world of rewards with every flight to Bulgaria, as you earn miles with our Miles & More program
  • Want to arrive in Bulgaria on time? So do we! In 2023, we became the punctuality leader in Europe.
  • Hunger mid-flight? Forget it! Onboard LOT flights to Bulgaria, you can count on a complimentary snack, as well as order a dish. Order your meal before the flight, or take advantage of our Sky bar offerings during the flight.
  • Traveling to Bulgaria with children? With playful areas on Chopin airport designed for joy, and surprises like free coloring books, gifts, and specially crafted meals and drinks for our young guests, we ensure smiles all around.
  • For those who synonymize travel with luxury, LOT's Business Class to Bulgaria is your haven. Enjoy exclusive access to our serene business lounge in Warsaw.
  • Embark on a journey that's kinder to our planet with Destination ECO. Fly with us to Bulgaria, and be part of a greener, brighter future.

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  • Depending on the duration of the layover, flights to Bulgaria can last from as little as 5 hours and 20 minutes. This time frame takes into account the flight segments from your departure point to Warsaw and from Warsaw to your final destination in Bulgaria. The overall travel time is significantly influenced by the layover period in Warsaw, with shorter stopovers leading to a more concise journey duration. It's advisable for travelers to carefully select their flights based on the layover length to ensure an optimal travel experience that aligns with their schedule and preferences.

    If you're looking for a direct flight to Bulgaria, it's important to note that LOT Polish Airlines does not offer direct connections to this destination. Travelers wishing to fly to Bulgaria with LOT will need to consider flights that include a layover, with Warsaw serving as the typical transit point. Despite the absence of direct flights, the good news is that connections through Warsaw to Bulgaria  are frequent, with several flights scheduled each day.