Five reasons to visit Palermo


Tourists usually spend one day on intensive sightseeing of Palermo and then continue their tour of marvellous Sicily. Plan a bit more time to discover that seemingly ordinary city and to enjoy it to the full. We guarantee that you will be delighted and stay for longer. Here are five reasons why it is worth to fly to Palermo.

Beautiful architecture

First of all, Palermo is a range of many architectural styles. Here you can admire a Gothic cathedral with Mauritanian ornaments, the amazing Quattro Canti crossing which connects the city's four historic districts, and numerous churches and chapels which will amaze you both with their exterior and interior. many historic monument in Palermo invite visitors to their roofs, from which views are truly spectacular. You should also visit Italy's largest Opera Theatre, considered by many the most beautiful building in the city. Teatro Massimo shows a variety of styles, from Classical to Baroque. It is also a must-see site for fans of the Godfather. Remember to visit Palermo's peculiar attraction - the Capuchin Catacombs. 

cathedral in Palermo

Exquisite food

Italian cuisine is famous for delicious dishes, ranging from the all-popular pizza to sweet tiramisu. In Palermo, you will find many atmospheric restaurants and bars with fantastic food prepared with the true attention. Visit the city markets in the Vucciria district, which at night turns into a party and culinary paradise. You must try such local delicacies as Arancini, nourishing rice balls stuffed with meat and mozzarella, and seafood, including octopus cooked in various ways.

Scenic views

Views in Palermo are breathtaking. The roof of Cattedrale di Palermo guarantees a fantastic panorama of buildings bathed in the sun and mountains glittering in the background. The Pellegrino Hill, virtually bonded together with Palermo, is a place you cannot afford to miss. It is from there that you will see the city in all its glory - mazes of streets with lazily strolling locals and tourists, the bright Tyrrhenian Sea with boats and yachts, and the beautiful landscape woth olive groves.





Botanical garden

After several hours of walking and absorbing experiences in the narrow streets of Palermo, it is worth to stop for a while and have a rest in the Botanical Garden, which is considered one of the best across Europe. In that impressive par, you will see several thousand species of diverse flora, which have ideal conditions for growth in the Sicilian climate. Get inside the various greenhouses with collections of such exotic plants as banana trees, fig trees, succulents and papayas. The Botanical garden is Palermo's unforgettable attraction!

La Cala Port

Visiting ports and walking along a sea shore make up an important point of all holidays at the seaside. What else is worth seeing in Palermo? Have a walk down Marina Promenade, watch drifting yachts and admire the combination of marine and mountain landscapes. Come back at the end of the day to see the a marvellous sunset, relax and get some strength before another day of sightseeing in phenomenal Sicily. Viva l'Italia!

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